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June 1, 2022

Zero-Party Data

“So, what even is zero party data anyway?”

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Zero Party Data 101

The buzz about zero party data is rapidly increasing on a daily basis. Why, you ask? Simple. Experts are providing proof that zero party data is a major way to drive personalization efforts and have companies land major wins in the near future as we adapt to a world without third party cookies. 

What is Zero Party Data?  

Zero party data, or declared data, is intentionally shared information straight from consumers. It is the most effective way to know and understand your target audience by collecting data they are providing. When customers hand over their preferences, interests, motivations and aspirations, there is little to no risk because this data comes from the most reliable source for marketers – their consumers. 

With zero party data, marketers can be sure they are working with the most accurate and reliable consumer data. 

 For marketers struggling to make heads or tails of their data, the answer isn’t more data, it’s uncovering the right data. Zero party data, or declared data, can be the difference between meaningful consumer insights and messy assumptions. 

How do you collect it?

Collecting this valuable data is done by simply asking consumers questions about their likes and dislikes directly through quizzes, experiences, surveys, forms, conversations and more. Knowing they’ll get something valuable in return, such as a product recommendation or an exclusive offer, is what drives high completion rates and lead capture. Since you are the one who gathered this data, you now own this information and it stays in your hands. It is straightforward, to the point, and leaves no room for inferences.

If you’re wondering why the terms zero party data and declared data were used interchangeably, that’s because they indicate the same type of data. The different terms are used for the exact same thing and you will often see them being used for the same meaning. 

What’s the Advantage of Collecting Zero Party Data?

Asking your audience the right questions gives any marketer a huge advantage. For example, this will lead to discovering consumer information such as age, gender, location, etc. To go even deeper, capturing zero party data opens another door that allows you to collect “soft” attributes. These are your customers' passions, motivations, interests, and preferences. Turning to a third party source for all of these answers leaves you with an educated guess, or even assumptions. So why not ask your audience instead of inferring? 

No matter how extreme the evolution of marketing has become over the years, there will always be one simple rule set in stone, know your audience and listen to what they want. (Okay, two rules!)

Once this is achieved, you are able to relate to them and address their pain points, allowing you to fulfill all of their wants and needs. Zero party data is a win for the company as their business skyrockets, and is also a win for the customer as they obtain the exact product or service they are seeking. It is a winning marketing strategy that provides the ultimate value exchange. 

Collecting zero party data also leaves the brand and customer with a strong, trustworthy relationship. After all, customers expect honesty and transparency from brands if they want them to keep coming back. Transparency is the first step to earning trust and customer loyalty. 

The Bottom Line 

If a company is able to efficiently collect and use the information they gather about their audience, they will be able to deliver next level customer experiences that leave your customer happy and satisfied every single time. After all, in the ecommerce world, data is extremely valuable and everyone's competing for it.

At Jebbit, we believe that brands who are able to collect and build their own sets of zero party/declared data at scale, will be the ones who see the most success in this new privacy-first world, they are the ones who will win. This type of data is unlike any other, it holds the most value and meaning. The more you are able to uncover, the more success you will see. And remember, if you don’t ask the customer, it’s just a guess. Click here to get started on your data strategy and transform the way you interact with your audience. 

Now that you have a full understanding about what this data is, check this page out to have some fun on our zero-party data party page! Read it, learn it, use it and most importantly, enjoy the advantages of zero-party data.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist