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June 8, 2023

The Power of Personality Quizzes for Business

What are lead generation quizzes, and why are they so popular? Learn how to craft lead-generating quizzes that deliver results.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Personality lead generation quizzes are a hot topic among businesses and consumers alike. They are the ultimate engagement tool that is both fun and informative. Personality quizzes satisfy that innate desire to explore your personality and discover more about yourself. The instant gratification that these quizzes bring makes them irresistible. 

With that in mind, we’re going to dive into the benefits of personality quizzes and how they generate leads. As a bonus, we’ll finish off with some top tips for launching a winning personality quiz lead generation campaign. 

What is a Personality Quiz?

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A personality quiz does what it says on the tin. It is a quiz with questions and sets of multiple-choice answers. When the participant finishes the quiz, they are rewarded with some insightful information about their personality. This could highlight personality traits such as:

  • Adventurous
  • Compassionate
  • Impulsive
  • Assertive
  • Imaginative
  • Confident
  • Shy
  • Willful

The list here could go on and on. I’m sure you get the picture. 

The results of the quiz can vary greatly in length. It could, for example, explore multiple personality traits with a dedicated section talking in detail about each trait. Conversely, it might be a short piece of text summarising the results or even a video explaining the results. 

A lead generation quiz is a type of personality quiz. It is a powerful tool for obtaining email addresses for your marketing efforts. Additionally, with these wonderful little online quizzes, you can use the insights you’ve gathered to better tailor your marketing materials, such as ads and emails, to your customers’ personalities. 

What Are The Benefits of Personality Quizzes?

Personality quizzes can have numerous far-reaching benefits to your marketing campaigns. For instance, you can work on improving customer experience by creating content based on quiz results. In other words, content you know appeals to your audience. 

But the benefits don’t stop there. 

Here are four more advantages to using this type of quiz for lead generation:

Lead Generation

First and foremost, personality quizzes help marketers to build their email lists. Much like a Salesforce proposal generator generates, well, proposals, lead generation quizzes generate leads in the form of email lists. Before revealing those ever-enticing truths about your customers, when anticipation and curiosity are at their peak, you kindly ask for an email address so that you can email the participant their results.

Another way of building email lists with personality quizzes is to reveal a short teaser result initially. And then request an email address for a more detailed personality report. This way, the participant doesn’t feel like they’ve wasted their time if they don’t want to share their email address with you. But they have the option of doing so if they want more information. 

Build Relationships

Personality quizzes are a great way of building relationships with customers and even potential customers. They subtly encourage trust by persuading participants to reveal information about themselves that they wouldn’t normally share. By providing insights into the participant’s personality, you form a deeper connection. This is because you show that you know them and therefore understand them on a personal level. Trust and communication then become more natural.

Gather Data for Insights

Personality quizzes are powerful tools for gaining unique insights into customers’ minds that you cannot get anywhere else. Not only that, but customers are happy to share these insights with you in exchange for a better awareness and understanding of themselves. It’s a great method for segmenting your audience into new and innovative categories.

Consider learning which of your customers are introverts and which are extroverts. This is valuable information that marketers can put to good use. You could tailor future content, such as product recommendations and recommended blog posts, to suit each personality. 

If your company sells craft beer, for example, you could create two marketing emails. One could be highlighting the social benefits of enjoying a drink with your friends. The other email would appeal to an audience who enjoys a beer peacefully at home after a long day at work. 

Raise Brand Awareness

Use personality quizzes to raise brand awareness. These entertaining little snippets of fun connect your brand with enjoyment and light-hearted past-times. More than that, though, personality quizzes are ultra-shareable. 

Picture this…

You’ve completed a personality quiz. You’ve received your intriguing, eye-opening results and have indulged your curiosity in finding out more about yourself. But how does your personality compare to your best friend’s or your spouse’s? There’s an easy way to find out. Simply click the “Share” button, and away you go.

This extends the reach of your campaign and does wonders for your brand awareness. 

How to Build a Lead Magnet Quiz

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We’re now going to delve into the practical steps to take when creating your personality lead generation quizzes:

Choose Your Platform

First thing first, choose your quiz creation platform. Jebbit, for example, allows users to craft interactive quizzes and surveys to connect with customers wherever they might be. Jebbit gathers important data and metrics and then integrates them with popular CRMs for easy data management and analysis. 

Establish Your Goals

Next, identify what you want to learn from your customers. Personality traits, yes, but what ones will you find most valuable? This will depend on what your company sells and its target audience. 

If you sell fitness equipment, for example, being imaginative is less relevant to learning how competitive or adventurous participants are. Establish your goals before moving on to the next steps.

Pick Your Theme

Once you’re on the Jebbit platform, it’s time to pick your theme. Pick a theme that reflects your brand’s colors and personality. Will it be vibrant and energetic or sophisticated and modern? 

To make it super simple, Jebbit offers a number of pre-built templates that you can customize and edit. Consider what would be most appealing to your target audience. 

Choose an Attention-Grabbing Title

Your title should be snappy enough so that it can be read at a glance. But also detailed enough so that your audience knows what it’s all about without clicking it. Try not to overthink this part with clever (and confusing) wordplay. Keep things simple. 

Your title is also responsible for enticing clicks. While confusing wordplay is a no-no, persuasive questions are a definite yes. Make it a question that draws your audience into wanting to discover the answer. For example:

  • Which fictional character are you? 
  • Which celebrity would be your ideal travel companion?
  • Are you a savvy shopper or an impulse spender?
  • What is your perfect personality career match?

Explore Fun and Interesting Questions

Now we get to the (even more) fun part! That is, exploring fun and interesting quiz questions to ask your audience. Ensure you don’t make the correlation between questions and answers too obvious. For instance, if you ask, “Do you prefer a quiet night in or an exhilarating party scene, it’s pretty obvious what you’re getting at. And, pretty obvious what’s going to be included in the results. 

Think outside of the box. Instead, you could ask something like:

 “How would you describe your last vacation?”

To which some of your answers could be:

  • “A family vacation. Low-budget but fun.”
  • “A romantic getaway, just me and my spouse.”
  • “A lively vacation with my friends. The nightlife was amazing.”
  • “A relaxing cruise that explored different destinations.”

Any one of these answers reveals insights into your customers, their lives, and their personalities, particularly when analyzed with other answers too. 

Make the Results Satisfying

This is what it’s all been building up to. The results!

When you’re crafting the results of your quizzes, think about your buyer personas. Consider the ways in which you’ve already segmented your audience. What makes them different, and how does that relate to your brand? With our earlier fitness equipment example, someone who buys tennis equipment might be more sociable than someone who buys a personal trampoline. Tie your existing insights in with your newly-learned information.

Also, consider how you will present your findings to participants. Will they simply be shown on their screen? Or, will you use a PDF splitter, for example, to provide an overview as well as a detailed report?

Top Tips

Here are three top tips to make your quizzes even better:

Keep Data Safe

Reassure your customers that you take data protection seriously. This will go a long way in developing trust. Tell participants how you will use their data, ask for their agreement, and give them an opt-out if they wish. 

Make It Shareable

Make it easy for participants to share their results and the quiz. Your quiz should be an exciting conversation starter that participants want to discuss. Part of this is to stick with positive results. Avoid designating negative personality traits, such as selfish or lazy, that people won’t want to share with others.

Personality Quiz Example

To show what a personality quiz can look like beyond just a word explanation, here’s a visual. Our friends over at Freixenet beautifully crafted this personality quiz that drove traffic through their Instagram bio. That’s right - Jebbit quizzes can live anywhere you can place a URL! Check out this personality quiz and find your what your bubbly personality is.

Personality Lead Gen Quizzes: The Next Big Thing in Marketing

Personality lead generation quizzes are a popular tool for gaining valuable information about customers as well as collecting email addresses. They enable you to personalize customer experiences according to different personality traits. With this form of interactive content, you can create detailed customer segmentation profiles and learn more about your audience and their interests.

To get the most out of your quizzes, make them easy and enticing to share. Plus, pick your title and questions carefully to generate the most interest. By following the tips in this article, you’ll be sure to create exciting personality lead-generation quizzes that significantly boost customer engagement and generate leads. 

So, what will your personality quiz look like? Chat with a Jebbit expert today to get started!

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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