Choose the partner program that is right for your business

At Jebbit, we do long-term things with long-term people. To do that, we purposefully developed our Partner ecosystem to offer flexible options so that we can grow together, the right way.

Strategic Tech Partners

Jebbit’s growing roster of Tech Partners promote Jebbit to their clients in a way that aligns to their own technology or services offering.

This is a flexible model where partners like Epsilon-Publicis, Qualtrics, SAP, and Emarsys can either license Jebbit’s software & services on behalf of their clients or align closely with Jebbit’s Partnerships & Sales teams to sell separate licenses to each unique client.

Social Partners

Social Partners work directly with Jebbit’s Social Partnerships Team to co-develop experiences & innovative ad-solutions to compliment any advertiser’s media campaigns, and are executed directly on the social platform the partner works for.

Examples of current social partners include Pinterest, Twitter & Snapchat.

Agency, Reseller & Referral Partners

Agency, Reseller or Referral partners introduce qualified referrals to Jebbit’s Partnerships Team, enabling Jebbit to work directly with the referred prospect to establish a client relationship.

Although these partners receive commission payouts anytime their referral signs a contract with Jebbit, they differ from Affiliate Partners because they pre-qualify referred opportunities & introduce them directly to our Partnerships Team versus through the platform.

This option is best for partners with an Enterprise ICP, and whose business needs require Jebbit’s full suite of Enterprise features and functions.

Partners excelling with Jebbit

Why partner with Jebbit?

Generate Revenue

Make money! There, we said it. We all want to generate more revenue - and when our partners help us make more money, we're invested in making sure they make more money!

Tangible Growth

Hearing it is one thing but seeing is believing - Jebbit's Partner Portal gives partners a one-stop-shop to manage deals payouts

Real Enablement

Forget the traditional partner decks, we tossed them out the window and replaced them with a community program full of enablement videos, articles, certification quizzes, and more - may as well have fun, right?

VIP Access

To exclusive customer webinars, events, and early access to new software features

Marketing & Program Support

Assets, articles, videos, templates, and trust us, plenty of opportunities to join Jebbit on-stage at events, webinars, and more

Our partners

Believe in the power of zero-party data and understand that better, more personalized customer experiences are a cornerstone of successful marketing

Are invested in helping their clients and prospects maximize online conversion rates, capture more qualified leads, drive efficiencies in customer LTV, and more

Know that more consumers than ever are shopping online, and that businesses need solutions that will help them optimize the shopper's path to purchase

Consider themselves influencers and experts, lifelong learners that want to help their customers and prospects level-up their personalization game and build a competitive edge with zero-party data

Are ethical, collaborative, and want to have a lot of fun shaping how brands engage directly with their consumers - and in a way that consumers love

What our partners are saying

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