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Grow your audience, drive traffic to your site, and sell more products using Jebbit’s product match and personality quizzes.

Stay leaps ahead of the competition by gathering valuable first-party data, or the newly coined term zero-party data directly from the source – your customers.

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It's easy to get started

Collecting first-party or zero-party data doesn't have to be complicated. Easily launch an experience using Jebbit today.

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Create your account with our free-forever plan and get access to all of Jebbit's expansive features in an approachable, no-code platform.

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Start from scratch or simply pick from over 50+ templates available on the platform to build your experience. Use integrations like Shopify to pull in products to build product recommendation quizzes.

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Launch your Jebbit experience and know what's working in real-time. Our reports make it easy to monitor campaign performance, audience growth, clicks, and more.

Meet your customers where they are most engaged

Jebbit experiences are proven to be fun and engaging for your consumer, so meet them where they are! Whether it's social platforms, your website, or your retargeting efforts, Jebbit empowers your brand to not only collect zero-party data but provide value to your customers. Over 85% of consumers that start a Jebbit quiz or customer experience complete it.

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Create an extension of your e-commerce store

Launch your Jebbit experience directly on your homepage, social channels, or in your emails. Have a Shopify store? Use our Shopify app to seamlessly integrate your store with Jebbit with just a few clicks.

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Build loyalty and trust

Use Jebbit to get to know your customers and give them the opportunity to share their wants, needs, intents, and desires with you so you can become their trusted go-to brand that they tell all their friends about.

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Make your other channels work smarter...not harder

Stay relevant and give your consumers a personalized experience throughout their journey. Use the zero-party data you gather to remarket across your social media, website, emails, and paid media channels. Say goodbye to cart abandoners and hello to new customers.

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Perform like the industry leader you are

Businesses of all sizes can create paths to success with our comprehensive experience solutions.

It worked for Loveseen, a skincare brand dedicated to providing clean skincare to a variety of consumers. Their campaign netted a 5x ROAS, expanding their brand presence far beyond their website. 

Want to see other examples in the beauty industry? Check out the Jebbit Beauty Hub for inspiration.

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A value exchange that provides…value for your customer

The best experiences are gamified, compelling, and ask questions the customer actually wants to answer. The end result? Customers receive a personalized experience or product recommendation, and you get increased lead capture, increased engagement & conversions, and an increase in average order value. Win. Win. Win.

✨Customer Insights✨

Local Eclectic - Jebbit experiences

Local Eclectic set out to discover the best way to connect with their consumers, and build trustworthy relationships. With the launch of their Jebbit experience, they saw a 44% increase in lead capture.

See how they did it
Jill Razor X Jebbit Cover Image

See how Jebbit enabled Jill Razor to pick out the exact product that was most beneficial, personalized, and catered to the customer's needs when making a purchase.

Woman with prima products - Jebbit X Prima Experience

By leveraging Jebbit’s intuitive ‘No-Code” platform, Prima created an immersive experience that they embedded directly on their website to engage site visitors.


Get additional support to help you succeed

Whether you’re new to collecting zero-party data or wanting to engage and captivate your audiences our collection of articles, guides, and tutorials has everything you need to get started optimizing for better performance.

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