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March 15, 2022

The Death of the Cookie

How are you preparing for the elimination of third-party cookies?

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

What's Happening?

The headlines alone have sent the advertising and marketing industry into a tailspin. We're talking about the death of the cookie, of course. You know, that little game-changing announcement that Google made back in January 2020? Although the "death" of the cookie sounds frightening (and somewhat hilarious when you say the statement out loud) there's an opportunity to reframe this seismic shift as a monumental opportunity. Plus, there's still plenty of time to prepare as Google doesn't plan to completely phase cookies out until 2023. This adjusted (and potentially still moving) deadline gives marketers, advertisers and industry leaders the time needed to not only plan, but to capitalize. And strap in because guess what? We're about to tell you how!

Capitalizing on a marketing strategy that collects first/zero-party data enables consumers to get as much out of sharing their information as the company collecting it does. Everyone benefits, the marketer, the customer, the privacy advocate, the regulator. Everyone. So it goes without saying, the key element that will save marketers in the cookieless world is collecting and activating first/zero-party data at scale!

How do I collect Zero/first-party Data?

For us here at Jebbit, it's simple. And it's simple because we live and breathe these strategies every single day: first/zero-party data can be collected (at scale) through quizzes, more engaging/branded surveys, polls, and more. And since consumers are explicitly sharing this data through these types of experiences, the first/zero-party data captured leaves no room for assumptions. Using first/zero-party data to then deliver relevant and personalized products, content, offers, ads, etc. is the most effective strategy because it comes directly from the most reliable and valuable source: your customers!

Prior to now, cookies sidetracked many businesses from this truism because they made data collection quick and easy. So in many ways, eliminating those tiny crumbs of tracking code should be considered a blessing in disguise due to the foundational brand<>consumer relationships established using first/zero-party data, versus third-party cookies. This methodology actually empowers marketers to get back to basics by gathering only the data they need to give consumers what they really want from brands: more engaging digital experiences, genuine value, more personalized/relevant content, and peace of mind that their data is being used the right way.

And here's the best news: Here at Jebbit, we make what may feel like a daunting task...EASY! But don't take it from us - here's what the NBA's Director of Team Marketing & Business Operations had to say about Jebbit: 

"Our big theme is the changes in privacy and cookieless world we're going into in 2022. Our biggest priority we're recommending to all teams in 2021 is to focus on first-party data capture. To be honest, we don't really have many partners that are good at first-party data and you guys are at the top of my list for vendors that know how to do this and do this well."

Let us prove it to you by clicking here and we'll provide a consultative and educational approach on how you can get winning in the cookie-less world today!

"If not now, when?" - John F. Kennedy

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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