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Scale up your first party data capture without selling out your customers

Jebbit creates engaging experiences for all your digital touchpoints so you can understand your audiences better without losing their trust.

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4 Steps: Build, Launch, Learn, Activate

Empower your team to build drag-and-drop experiences that nurture customers on every channel in four easy steps.

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Build customer experiences with no-code

Build and design fun, engaging quizzes and customer experiences with speed and control, all while capturing customer preferences as zero-party data. Access over 50 pre-built templates to help you get started!

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Launch anywhere

When your quiz is ready, launch it wherever your audience is most engaged—whether that's on your company's website, partner/retailer sites, mobile apps, packaging, or on any of your brand's social media platforms.

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Learn instantly

View analytics and reporting that will help you understand how your customers and audience interact with your quizzes and experiences, as well as where to optimize for more engagement, lead capture, and better overall performance.

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Activate seamlessly

Integrate with 35+ apps and integrations, including the most popular CRMs and marketing software, so that you can seamlessly push your zero-party data to where it can be most useful to your goals.

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What our clients say

“I was studying ways to be less transactional and more relational and came across quizzes on Blissworld and NARS, and that’s how I found Jebbit. It's PERFECT for what we're looking to do.”

Andre L.
VP of Marketing at L'Oréal

"We're able to learn about our consumers as they engage but then also, we're able to help recommend the right products for them. And it actually helped us double our conversion rate"

Sarah Pichardo
Tech Venturing & Innovation
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"Our big theme is the changes in privacy and cookieless world we're going into in 2022. Our biggest priority we're recommending to all teams in 2021 is to focus on first party data capture. To be honest, we don't really have many partners that are good at first-party data and you guys are at the top of my list for vendors that know how to do this and do this well."

Josh Seff
Director of Team Marketing & Business Operations at NBA
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"Jebbit has been an instrumental tool for building a personalized experience that adds real value for our customers, without compromising their privacy. By launching an interactive quiz powered by Jebbit with our Centrum brand, we were able to match users with the perfect vitamin offering based on their individual needs, resulting in a remarkable 65% completion rate and a 43% website redirect rate, indicating high purchase intent." 

James Sharman
Northern Europe Performance & Content Marketing Lead
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“What we’ve seen is that just consumers taking this Jebbit experience or, taking any of these Jebbit experiences, the quizzes themselves, is an indicator and predictor of higher lifetime value.”

Brigitte Barron
Global CRM & Customer Growth
Beam logo

“Since we are in a high consideration industry, the Jebbit product match quiz is instrumental in building trust with our customers by finding the right product for them and then educating them about their specific product. It is a great tool to use on our site and in advertising. We see very high engagement through it.”

Alyssa Warth talks about Jebbit
Alyssa Warth
VP of Growth at beam CBD

"We're about 90 days into two quizzes with Jebbit and the returns have been a great asset for our business. In the first 30 days after we launched our product recommendation quiz on our homepage, we saw that everyone who participated spent more time, bounced less and converted at a higher rate after answering just a few questions about their life and needs."

Josh Reed
Josh Reed
Director, Consumer Demand Generation at Evenflo

“A marketing friend of mine actually recommended Jebbit and said, 'This is the best quiz platform you'll find.’ In the past 2-3 weeks since we've used Jebbit, our email subscriber list has gone from 800 to over 5,000.”

Christina Wolfgram
Founder of Crying Is Cool
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#1 platform brands trust for capturing zero-party data

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Start delivering genuine value to your customers

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