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May 23, 2022

WEBINAR RECAP: How e.l.f. Is turning zero-party data into a competitive advantage

E.l.f. Cosmetics knows that the key to unlocking loyalty is to truly understand what matters most to their customers. And just last week, as part of the 2022 CRMC Webinar Series in partnership with The Wise Marketer, we dug into this topic (and many more).

Vice President, Content & Partner Marketing

In this webinar, Bill Hanifin (Managing Editor at The Wise Marketer) facilitates an engaging discussion with Brigitte Barron, Global CRM & Customer Growth at e.l.f. Cosmetics, and Pam Erlichman, Chief Marketing Officer of Jebbit, as they dig into how creating better consumer experiences that focus on zero-party data enable both e.l.f. and their customers to win.

“What we’ve seen is that just consumers taking this Jebbit experience or, taking any of these Jebbit experiences, the quizzes themselves, is an indicator and predictor of higher lifetime value.” - Brigitte Barron, Global CRM & Customer Growth @ e.l.f.

Key topics you’ll hear covered in the webinar include:

  • What is zero-party data and why is so important
  • The many ways that e.l.f. leverages the Jebbit software, including:
  • Acquisition of qualified, enriched leads
  • Loyalty Member engagement, profiled enrichment, and segmentation
  • Introducing new products and partnerships like Keys Soul Care by Alicia Keys
  • How zero-party data adds value for both short- and long-term business objectives
  • Activation of zero-party data and key metrics to measure impact and lift
  • And more

You can watch the parts of the webinar that are most important to you by selecting topics highlighted in the Key Takeaways section of the video player below. Enjoy!

Vice President, Content & Partner Marketing

Jebbit "OG" and Content Enthusiast

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