2023 Holiday Marketing Guide

We've been spreading joy with our eCommerce customers. Ready to unwrap your gift this year? 

Jebbit Grid Decorative
Jebbit Grid Decorative

A whopping 43% lift in average order value! 


average lift in ecommerce AOV


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What's ahead for 2023? 

2023 is expected to differ significantly from 2022. Online sales may flatline, with reduced emphasis on discounts, and increased demand for personalization. Marketers must adapt their strategies to succeed with customers this year.

Here’s a sneak peek of our Holiday Guide:

  • 75% of shoppers will pay more for a personalized online shopping experience.
  • 51% of retailers said launching personalization is a top challenge for the 2023 holiday season.
  • 66% of marketers are collecting first-party data for pre-holiday marketing.

“Going into holiday every year, our executives teams would be like ‘Who are the customers shopping for?’ I feel like we had this moment where we were like, “Well, let’s just ask them.”

Erin Malone

Director of Digital Marketing and Analytics, Free People

Jebbit drives holiDATA success

Download Jebbit’s 2023 Holiday Guide to learn more about this year’s trends and start powering real results.

  • Personalize to Individual Shoppers
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  • Build Lasting Relationships