Tap into consumer data with Jebbit

From discerning whiskey drinkers to craft beer enthusiasts, Jebbit helps alcohol and spirit companies tap into valuable consumer data to better understand their target audience and drive sales.

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Join the worlds most popular brands in capturing zero-party data

Why Jebbit?

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Engage consumers with interactive content

Build interactive experiences that can be launched on any channel that will drive consumer engagement. Gather more data about your consumers, including geographical location, demographic information, age, and taste preferences.

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Build brand loyalty with personalization

Leverage data to create custom marketing messages that resonate with individual customers. This leads to increased engagement and loyalty, helping brands build stronger relationships with their audience.

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Age gating and localization

Jebbit's platform includes compliance tools that can help brands ensure that their marketing efforts are in line with laws and regulations for alcohol marketing, reducing the risk of fines and legal issues.

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