The #1 Product Quiz and Experience Builder

Powerful. Flexible. Capable of so much more than just logic mapping. However you use it, our Jebbit connects you to customers like never before.

Average completion rate

Looking for stronger completion rates than pop-up lead forms? You've come to the right place.

Engagement compared

Say goodbye to your annual survey that less than 5% of your customers engage with.

Experiences powered daily

Rest assured knowing your quizzes and experiences are built to work at scale and powered by a reliable platform.

Build quizzes and interactive experiences that achieve your business goals

  • Create with speed and control

  • Recommend best-fit products

  • Better engage your audience

  • Capture highly accurate first-party data

  • Personalize every customer experience

  • Launch across all of your channels

  • Integrate with 35+ apps and tools

  • Activate captured data for better marketing

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All of Your Favorite Tools Working Together

Integrate with 35+ powerful apps and platforms—from Salesforce and Marketo to Attentive and Klaviyo—to activate your customer data in a meaningful way. Don’t currently see an app you need to integrate with? Request it in-app or chat with our team to see if it can be custom-built for your workflow.

Browse integrations

Trusted data security and compliance

As a platform that's built on and advocates first-party data, we're committed to ensuring we're complaint with the latest data security measures.

What our clients say

“Jebbit helps us gather the most valuable data we have, from the only source it exists—our customers.”

Gabriela Cruz
Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing at Bliss Cosmetics

“With Jebbit not only are we able to build more fan profiles but we are able to cultivate these users into more avid and monetizable channels. The average Jebbit fan had over 17% higher value than our average fan.”

Aaron Jones
Director of Marketing Science & Strategy at NFL
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