Consumer-Packaged Goods

Connect with shoppers to deliver the products and services they crave

Consumers in the 21st century expect value and an engaging experience from the brands they interact with. Give them both while taking back the ownership and control your brand requires.

Jebbit Grid Decorative
Jebbit Grid Decorative
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Learn how NARS leverages Jebbit


opt-in rate, including a lipstick quiz immediately generated as a follow-up email.


Open rate


Click-through rate

Own your customer relationships

Create engaging quizzes and experiences that speak to your customers directly, deliver genuine value, and collect the consumer-declared data you need to own your customer relationships.

jebbit dots blue
jebbit dots blue

Meet your customers wherever they are

Interact with your customers and prospects wherever their attention is, whether that's on your website, social media channels, email, SMS, in-app, and even in-store.

Achieve personalization at scale

Transform moments of customer attention into genuine value by helping them find the right products or content for them based on what they tell you, in that exact moment. And for you? Jebbit will help you capitalize on these moments to achieve multiple business objectives at once. Something for them and something for you—everybody wins.

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Trusted data security and compliance

Jebbit’s security team works to ensure that key security practices are in place and operating effectively.

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