Jebbit integrates with the tools you’re already using, making it easy to send captured data to your CRM, activate it with your marketing software, and more.

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Popular apps & integrations

View our most popular integrations—including the biggest names in CRM and ecommerce software.


Connect Jebbit with Salesforce to create new contacts, update profiles with attributes, and more.


Send Jebbit-captured first-party data directly to your SAP Customer Data Platform.


Add and update new contact and contact data fields in Emarsys directly from your Jebbit experiences.


Create a real-time connection between Jebbit and your Epsilon Harmony ESP, enabling you to pass leads and attribute information for more targeted email marketing within Epsilon.


Quickly map Jebbit IDs to Hubspot in order to send personalized emails.


Sync customer contacts and preferences to enable personalized emails and SMS.


Sync Jebbit attributes into Mailchimp fields and use that data for personalized emails.


Empower your Shopify storefront with shoppable product recommendation quizzes.


Sync leads captured by Jebbit on your Shopify store for personalized email & SMS.


Subscribe users directly from Jebbit to your Attentive mobile messaging campaigns for personalized SMS/text.


Add Jebbit as a data source in Segment and use it to create and identify existing users, as well as add their attributes.

Why use Jebbit integrations?

Learn how integrating with your tech stack with our platform helps to ensure you get the most out Jebbit.

Activate audience data in a meaningful way

Once you’ve collected your audience’s first-party data, organize it into customer segments and automatically send it to your CRM or marketing platform to use for better targeting and campaigns.

Secure access for everybody

Jebbit supports single sign-on via Auth0, making you and your team’s logins fast, easy, and most importantly, highly secure across all of your tools and

Request custom integrations

Don’t see an integration your business currently needs? Jebbit is proud to offer custom integrations to our users. Easily request your integration from within the Jebbit platform, or contact us to discuss building your custom integration.

Jebbit Grid Decorative
Jebbit Grid Decorative
Jebbit Grid Decorative
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