first party data roadmap

The roadmap for a winning first party data strategy

The journey to first party data success doesn't have to be daunting. That's why Jebbit has mapped out 4 On Ramps to get you to your final destination, faster.

First Party Data Roadmap

Welcome to the Roadmap for a triumphant first party data strategy! The four strategic on ramps identified by Jebbit - Acquire Leads, Increase Sales, Enrich Customer Data, and Improve with Insights - are the short cuts you need to accelerate your success.
While brands and organizations may initially focus on one On Ramp, true success lies in embracing multiple On Ramps to fuel business growth.

Learn more about each On Ramp below.

Engage consumers, collect valuable data, and generate higher quality leads.

Convert leads to customers and enhancing their purchase experience

Create "golden" customer profiles, for segmentation and personalization

Gather valuable insights directly from your consumers

Why should you take this seriously? Look at these stats.

97% of marketers agree that a personalized digital experience is a cornerstone of marketing programs.

of consumers only engage with personalized marketing messages related to their specific interests
of marketers considered interactive content, including quizzes, effective for increasing brand exposure.

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