The leading platform for capturing first-party data

Create fun, consumer engagements that drive more sales and loyalty—all in one platform.

Jebbit Grid Decorative
Jebbit Grid Decorative

Why use Jebbit?

Jebbit’s software helps brands boost engagement, conversions, and first and zero-party data with an easy-to-use, no-code platform that anyone can use.

85% of Consumers Complete A Quiz Or Customer Journey On Jebbit

In a world where customers are increasingly demanding convenience and transparency, you need Jebbit to keep your business moving forward. We help brands reach out with interactive experiences that engage rather than reel back in fear of data privacy regulations- all without sacrificing quality service or product offerings.

Launch your digital experiences anywhere, anytime.

Launching a Jebbit campaign is easy - you can do it all through digital channels. Whether your target audience prefers social media, in-store marketing, or even email ads and newsletters we've got something for every occasion.

Create Custom Experiences In Minutes

We take the hassle out of customizing experiences. Our no-code platform allows you to quickly create personalized products, such as product recommendations and trivia questions with answers that are completely tailored for your brand.

100+ Integrations for Increased Accuracy and Flexibility

We help you collect and analyze your customer data so that it can be sent anywhere. We have over 100+ integrations with popular systems like CRM, DMPs ( DoubleClick Marketing Platforms), ESP (Facebook Publishing APIs) - the list goes on!

Meet the brands making an impact

“Jebbit helps us gather the most valuable data we have from the only source it exists - our customers.”

Gabriela Cruz
Senior Manager at Digital Marketing Bliss Cosmetics

increase in email open rates
increase in Instagram engagement

“Our Jebbit back to school experience drove 50% of revenue through paid advertising”

Laura Green
Digital Marketing, Boden

increase in lead capture rate
revenue attributed to Jebbit quiz

All of Your Favorite Tools Working Together

Integrate with 35+ powerful apps and platforms—from Salesforce and Marketo to Attentive and Klaviyo—to activate your customer data in a meaningful way. Don’t currently see an app you need to integrate with? Request it in-app or chat with our team to see if it can be custom-built for your workflow.

Browse integrations

Enterprise-Grade Security

Jebbit’s security team works to ensure that key security practices are in place and operating effectively. Jebbit is proud to have achieved and be recognized as SOC 2, GDPR, and CCPA compliant within our category. Support for single sign-on via Auth0—making you and your team’s logins fast, easy, and most importantly, highly secure.

First-in-class customer support

Team Onboarding

Once you join Jebbit, we’ll walk you and your team through setup, live demos, and on-site training.

Account Management

You’ll have a single point of contact to ensure your team is getting the most out of Jebbit.

Dedicated Support

You’ll also get priority access to our customer solutions and support teams for questions and guidance on Jebbit best practice.

Get ready to elevate your marketing strategy

Create with speed and control
Recommend best-fit products
Better engage your audience
Capture highly accurate zero-party data
Personalize every customer experience
Launch across all of your channels
Integrate with 35+ apps and tools
Activate captured data for better marketing
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