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Strategic Gamification

At Jebbit, we're on a mission to help businesses build stronger, more meaningful relationships with their customers through gamification. By applying gamified elements and principles, we empower you to create immersive experiences that boost engagement, retention, and loyalty.

What is Strategic Gamification?

Gamification utilizes game design elements and mechanics to captivate and propel individuals toward specific actions. By integrating game elements such as challenges, rewards, and leaderboards, we can turn routine interactions into enjoyable experiences. Here’s how it benefits you:

Builds Brand Awareness

Create memorable experiences that stick in consumers’ minds. Positive emotions associated with your brand lead to increased awareness.

Increases Quality & Quantity of User Engagement

Engage consumers by making interactions enjoyable. Extended engagement leads to deeper connections and enhanced recall.

Scalable Acquisition & Real Time Optimizations

Embrace a data-driven approach, track and analyze your acquisition data to identify what's working and what's not. Use this data to refine your strategy and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.

Progressive Data Collection That Drives Value for Customers

Collect additional data with each interaction that can be used to personality their customer experience.

Strategic Gamification drives better business outcomes

93% of marketers agree that gamification leads to more engagement and better results

Companies who use gamification enjoy up to 7X higher conversion rate
Gamification can help a company increase customer interactions by up to 40%

We believe in driving intentional engagement

Throughout the customer journey, gamified elements, such as trivia, sweepstakes, spinners, mood boards among other can provide strategic value for your brand by collecting important data points while encourage customers to spend their valuable time engaging with the brand.

Provides Customer Value

Customers have limited time to engage with your brand. Strategic gamification can help create value that your customer cares about such as personalization, education, saving time, or unlocking benefits. It's all about giving your customers something they really need.

Reward Desired Behavior

Through our integrations with rewards providers such as Yotpo, you can provide rewards that drive increases in desired customer behavior, such as points for experience completion, providing product feedback, or engaging with content throughout the year.

Drives Brand Outcomes

Whether your team’s goals are CRM enrichment, to increase sales, or building out your loyalty program, adding gamified elements to your Jebbit experience are a strategic way to drive the outcomes your team cares about the most.

Not all gamification partners are created equal

Jebbit is the only Enterprise-Grade platform built to collect first-party data in a safe manner. We're committed to ensuring we're complaint with the latest data security measures.

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What our customers have to say

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“Jebbit helps us gather the most valuable data we have, from the only source it exists—our customers.”

Gabriela Cruz, Lucky Brand
Gabriela Cruz
EVP, Global Customer Marketing & eCommerce
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“With Jebbit not only are we able to build more fan profiles but we are able to cultivate these users into more avid and monetizable channels. The average Jebbit fan had over 17% higher value than our average fan.”

Aaron Jones, Director of Marketing Science and Strategy, NFL
Aaron Jones
Director of Marketing Science & Strategy, NFL
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