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Meet the company behind the leading product quiz software for boosting conversions, increasing engagement, and capturing first-party data.

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Founded by two entrepreneurs that grew tired of traditional online advertising, Jebbit envisions a future of total data transparency between brands and consumers. Our mission is to make every digital experience assumption-free by asking people directly about their interests, motivations, and preferences—in a fun, engaging, and value-driven way.

Our Leadership

Meet the team that's leading Jebbit into the future, each and every day.

Tom Coburn, CEO & Co-Founder, Jebbit
Tom Coburn
CEO & Co-Founder

Co-founded Jebbit as a Boston College undergraduate. Forbes 30 under 30 in Marketing and Advertising. Loves Settlers of Catan, will play for hours!

Michael Marcus, Chief Customer Officer and Founder
Michael Marcus
Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder

Passionate builder of business, technology, out-of-the-box ideas, and teams.

Matthew Keemon, Chief Technology Officer, Jebbit
Matthew Keemon
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

From Director of Engineering to Chief Technology Officer and has been with Jebbit for 9 years. Only drinks black coffee (and a lot of it!)

Pam Erlichman, Chief Marketing Officer, Jebbit
Pam Erlichman
Chief Evangelist Officer

Passionate, data-driven marketing leader fueled by customer insight, creativity and driving results. Loves coffee, coffee and then more coffee.

Jon Sussman, Chief Product Officer, Jebbit
Jon Sussman
Chief Product Officer

An entrepreneur with a passion for creating new products and harvesting new ideas. His first paid job was juggling at kids birthday parties.

Meredith Saegar, Chief People Officer, Jebbit
Meredith Saeger
Chief People Officer

Designs organizations that set employees up for success. Meredith loves building teams and managing change. 10/10 chance she's got craft supplies on her at any given time.

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