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November 20, 2020

5 Tips to Get Your Quiz Strategy Right The First Time

Implementing a quiz strategy doesn’t need to be difficult! Enterprise Sales Director, Alexia Phipps, has 5 tips and tricks to help your team get up and running in no time.

Alexia Phipps
Sales Director

You may have noticed that more and more eCommerce sites are giving consumers the option to engage with branded product recommendation quizzes…and for good reason.

Quizzes add an engaging element of gamification to the site, while simplifying the shopping experience through curated product recommendations. They are becoming an industry standard for eCommerce marketing, just like the lead capture and exit-intent pop-ups that adorn websites today.

How to Execute a Recommendation Quiz Strategy

When executed correctly, a quiz strategy provides a win-win scenario for both brands and consumers.

For the brand, it allows you to better understand consumers, and makes it easy to deliver simple, immediate personalization and still reap the benefits ($ales).

For the consumer, they receive a guided, concierge-like experience, almost exactly like they would with a sales associate in-store.

Even better, consumers no longer have to worry about finding the “perfect gift for her” or “the right shade of foundation for me.”

The problem is, many brands aren’t getting their quiz strategy right on the first try.

They’re often:

  • Overspending on development or agency resources, and then stuck with a hard-coded quiz they can’t edit or optimize
  • Spending 6-12 months on internal collaboration with engineering and tech, to find the  resources to build a personalized quiz in-house for the first time
  • Struggling to own the end-to-end consumer experience within their team, given few people have the skillset to be able to execute complicated, code-rich systems but are the same people responsible for driving conversions and effective re-marketing

If you’re looking to implement an effective quiz strategy then look no further! Keep reading to learn 5 key tips to keep in mind and get your quiz experiences up and running in no time.

Considerations When Creating a Recommendation Quiz Strategy

Whether you go the route of building in-house, or working with a vendor, here’s what you should consider:

1. Maximize Quiz Engagements

Most vendors charge by consumers who complete the quiz, or responses collected.

This scaling mechanism de-incentivizes you from driving the maximum amount of consumers into the experience, which is actually the best way for you to get value from this strategy.

By allowing for unlimited consumer engagements and responses, you can enrich your CRM with more qualified data and leads, and deliver more relevant retargeting messaging to more consumers.

2. Prioritize Data Collection

Not having visibility into the massive amounts of data being collected, or the ability to action on it would be a wasted investment.

With the recommended quiz length including 4-6 questions, and the ability to capture an email or append the data to existing consumer profiles, you can find yourself sitting on thousands of the most relevant and accurate data received directly from your audience.

Better yet, make sure you can use that information through effective tactics like trigger emails and texts, generating audiences for social targeting, and more.

The vendor you work with should give you the option to act on the data through their platform in some ways, and through your 3rd party systems of choice, whether that’s a CDP, Email platform, or personalization engine.

3. Make Experiences Accessible

Most consumers engage with brands on their mobile phones today, and often through their preferred channel. The quiz needs to be mobile-first to a bulletproof degree, and accessible by any channel.

Consumers want to engage on their own terms. Not all vendor solutions present the optimal quiz solution for both desktop and mobile, and many are restricted to the quiz experience having to live on-site.

Look for a vendor that provides a completely responsive user experience, so you don’t have to recreate the same experience across different devices. Consider vendors who give you the option to host the experience for you, and give you the option to host it too.

For example, one way you can launch a Jebbit experience is through a standalone link that will load within the walls of any social app or email platform your consumer uses for a really seamless experience.

4. Let Your Brand Voice Shine Through

Quizzes are a chance to present your brand in an image and content-rich, beautiful way – make sure you have the customization abilities you need to ensure your quiz is an elevated brand experience.

A product recommendation quiz is no place for basic white and grey form fills and little circle checkboxes like you would find in a basic feedback survey.

Make sure you have the ability to upload your logo, font-files, hex colors, images, videos, and gifs into the screen layout and template options likely provided.

This will give you the ability to differentiate your experiences amongst the competition, drive consumer demand to engage and complete the quiz all the way through, AND come back for more.

5. Self-Service is Paramount

Some vendor quiz platforms are service heavy, and a homegrown solution will never be editable by the business user. You should look for an agile, nimble tool that you can use hands-on.

The tool you use should enable you to create the end-to-end customer experience, manage the data you’re collecting, and analyze all the reporting details.

Different vendors will have different bells & whistles, or different service add ons available, but a seamless experience, effective data collection, and strategic data reporting are must haves that can not be omitted from an effective quiz platform.

Ready, Set, Go!

So, there you have it! We hope you feel empowered to make the right decision for how you will tackle your quiz strategy in 2021.

At Jebbit, we’ve worked on mastering our platform over the last several years in partnership with our Product leadership, Customer Advisory Board, and valued partners including Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Klaviyo.

If you want to learn more about how Jebbit can help you get started – we’re happy to help!

Please feel free to reach out to the author, Alexia Phipps, directly and

Seems simple, right? Create your own quiz today to begin powering personalization in no time!

Alexia Phipps
Sales Director

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