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November 17, 2020

Personalized eCommerce Email Marketing

With the holiday season just around the corner, we’ve gathered 3 actionable steps your team can take today to truly personalize your e-commerce marketing strategy and stand out in a noisy inbox.

Brianna Conley

If your email inbox(es) look anything like ours, then you’ve likely noticed an uptick in all sorts of traffic within the last few weeks.

Not only are the Black Friday deals beginning earlier and earlier, but the promotions are becoming more frequent and extending longer.

While we love a good deal (especially to kickstart holiday shopping), it’s often difficult – and time consuming – to sift through an influx of promotional emails.

We empathize with the marketers tasked with promoting sales, deals, news, updates etc. during an already chaotic year…and we’re here to help!

What is Personalized eCommerce Email Marketing?

Personalized eCommerce marketing extends beyond embedding a person’s name within an email introduction.

Rather, personalized email marketing delivers individualized messages that pique consumer interest, increase engagement, and drive conversion.

How Do I Personalize My eCommerce Email Marketing?

Personalizing your eCommerce email marketing strategy doesn’t need to be difficult.

Keep reading to learn 3 actionable steps your marketing team can take right now to stand out from all the noise and get your messages in front of the right people at the right time.

1. Collect Actionable Data

Did you know that 58% of consumers say brands send them promotions for items they would never buy and 24% of consumers receive promotions for items they’ve already purchased?

In order to ensure you aren’t sending your consumers irrelevant recommendations, start looking at the data.

Declared data is your best friend when it comes to personalized email marketing because it’s an assumption-free solution that wins every time.

Let’s say you’re a CPG brand that sells haircare products and are planning on a new product launch just in time for the holidays.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew your consumer’s hair type and haircare routine to better understand how you can offer a solution with relevant products?

By collecting data from consumers themselves, your brand can recommend the best products for each and every consumer and avoid irrelevant or repeat marketing during the prime time for product promotions.

Data collection isn’t difficult either, it’s actually be quite simple!

Take it from one of our partners, the leading weight loss brand, Jenny Craig.

Jenny Craig was looking to collect data on their consumer’s motivations behind losing weight and improving their overall health.

In order to do so, the brand needed data to establish a baseline of their consumer’s interests and goals, and power relevant, educational messaging based on the answers.

The solution was monthly interactive experiences that launched via email, social media, and on-site. The best part is each of these experiences were fully customized and created in no time.

The experiences enabled Jenny Craig to collect over 1.3 million unique answers and 74% lead capture to continually power relevant messages even after the campaign ended.

Imagine how much more personalized messaging is when it’s based on answers consumers provide themselves.

Rather than creating messages based on assumptions, ask consumers what they like, what they’re interested in, and how your brand can help.

Learn More About Jenny Craig’s Declared Data Strategy Here.

2. Create Relevant Messaging

Now that you have all the information you need to collect data, you can create more relevant eCommerce marketing emails.

Have you ever received an email that opens with “Good Morning!” even though it’s mid-afternoon where you live?

While it can seem time consuming to segment your emails based on time zone and location, it’s imperative for successful personalization.

In fact, 63% of consumers stop purchasing products and goods from consumers who provide poorly executed personalization.

Creating email segments based on consumer time zones not only ensures your messaging is relevant, but it also can help your team measure the overall success of your campaign.

A controlled email send time will help establish a baseline to better compare open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement rates.

Tip: Rather than sending an email blast to your entire database at 9AM EST, try segmenting the blasts to hit each consumer’s inbox at 9AM in each of their relevant time zones.

Another way to power relevant messaging to your consumers this season is to segment promotions and deals based on geographic location.

Maybe you’re a global retailer looking to provide relevant promotions to your consumers in the US and Europe.

If your consumers prefer promotions on scarves and outerwear in the US and boots in Europe, then you can segment your promotions to ensure the right audience is receiving a deal or CTA that will increase engagement.

3. Offer a Fun Experience

Our third tip (and arguably the most important) is remember to make your eCommerce email marketing strategy FUN!

The holiday season is the perfect time to test out new messaging, formatting, and overall style for your marketing emails.

Switch up your standard template to offer a new experience that is both fun and interactive for your audience.

Here’s a list of ways your team can infuse some personality into your eCommerce email marketing strategy this holiday season:

  • Spice up your email subject lines
  • Keep the copy short and sweet
  • Give the gift of an extra reward or discount
  • Bring joy to consumer inboxes with fun, exciting graphics
  • Treat your audience (and yourself!) with a fun, data-driven email experience

We hope these tips and tricks help shake up your email marketing strategy this holiday season and drive results.

Be sure to implement these 3 actionable steps to power more personalized email marketing this holiday season and into 2021.

Looking for some more inspiration? Check out this 60-second story to learn how MECCA Brands created an interactive gift finder quiz within days.

Brianna Conley

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