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November 5, 2020

Welcome to the World of Quiz Commerce

Is your brand looking to drive genuine value to your consumers? If so, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about quiz commerce.

Brianna Conley

As marketers, we’re all far too familiar with the rule of 7s:

On average, it takes seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place.

Often, these interactions happen across a combination of different channels and over a period of time where marketers are tasked with building consumer trust to drive key KPIs.

In this day and age, many consumers’ first interaction with a brand occurs digitally. The importance of digital experiences for eCommerce marketing have skyrocketed this year as 70% of people report spending more time with mobile devices due to COVID-19, while 47% of people report spending more time on a laptop due to COVID-19.

The plus side to this trend is that there are countless digital avenues available to reach new audiences globally. The downside is failing to make a good first impression, which may turn the consumer away.

If you’re a marketer targeting audiences digitally, then these two scenarios may resonate with you:

“I need to help my consumers find a relevant product or service when they visit my website. They currently get overwhelmed and do not purchase or submit a lead.”

“I struggle to engage and educate my audience, which is important given the education and consideration needed before making a purchase”

If your business is facing similar challenges, then don’t panic! The good news is you’re not alone.

What if there was a way to drive genuine value earlier, so consumers take action sooner?

Welcome to the world of quiz commerce.

What is Quiz Commerce?

Quiz commerce is an interactive way to offer genuine value to consumers that are online shopping and better understand their needs through a more authentic relationship. In other words, consumers take a quick interactive quiz to find what they’re looking for, and marketers understand their needs to continually power greater personalization.

AKA the perfect win-win situation.

6 Types of Genuine Value

Here at Jebbit, we identify six different types of genuine value as the motivation behind a consumer’s willingness to interact with a brand, and provide their data.

The six types of genuine value are:

  1. Entertain Me
  2. Teach Me
  3. Test Me
  4. Save Me Time
  5. Give Me a Recommendation
  6. Unlock a Benefit for Me

An experience with (at least) one of these forms of genuine value is sure to expedite the consumer journey through a much more personalized experience.

Keep reading to learn more the different types of quiz commerce and how you can easily implement these interactive quizzes into your marketing strategy.

Types of Quiz Commerce

There are six different types of quiz commerce that will help drive a much more enjoyable experience for both consumers and marketers:

  1. Product Match Quiz
  2. Personality Quiz
  3. Lookbook
  4. Interactive Editorial
  5. Voting/Live Polling
  6. Trivia/Knowledge Test

Each type of quiz commerce corresponds to any combination of the six forms of genuine value we discussed above.

For example, a product match quiz can be deployed when a consumer is looking for an accurate recommendation and/or a time-saver, whereas a trivia test challenges their knowledge and provides an interactive experience where they learn something new.

These different quiz types make it simple and convenient to drive consumers through a more engaging experience. The best part is each of these quizzes can be created within hours on the Jebbit platform.

Stay tuned for our first Quiz Commerce blog post, where we’ll cover everything you need to know about product match quizzes.

In the meantime, launch your own quiz today!

Brianna Conley

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