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July 19, 2022


The Many Objectives Jebbit Empowers Businesses to Achieve

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Here’s a fun fact: Jebbit offers businesses WAY more than just quizzes to collect zero-party data at scale. Chalk it up in the “good problems to have” category but this can be difficult to articulate because the first experience that many of our eCommerce, CPG, Retail, etc. clients and partners launch is a Product Match Quiz on their website. We don’t blame them because it’s a great way to drive more online conversions, capture zero-party data, and collect more qualified leads all from one single user interaction. 

But thousands of businesses use Jebbit to power other experience types like interactive look-books, live polls, site-navigation experiences, custom landing pages and more. The punchline (and focus of this post) is that Jebbit helps businesses achieve a wide array of business objectives and because transparency is foundational to our business, we want to share some anecdotes about the many different ways that businesses think about us when they first begin exploring the Jebbit software platform. 

To name a few real life scenarios…

A Marketing and Communications Manager, Global Business Strategy Manager, CMO, and Marketing Director came to us interested in “ways to help guide their customers to make a purchase, capture leads and enhance customer profiles”. On average, Jebbit Quizzes & Experiences drive 10% - 30% more online conversions, capture 30% - 50% more qualified leads, and enable brands to collect 5 - 10X more data compared to traditional methods. And clients starting with a Jebbit Product Recommendation or Personality Quiz are able to see value within the first 30 days of going live. 

A Corporate Marketing Manager and Digital Marketing Manager came to us in search of “solutions that would increase customer engagement and help them better educate customers about their products and services”. The good news is that more engagement comes standard with Jebbit, validated by our industry leading average completion rate of 85%. And for educating consumers, many clients use Jebbit’s Trivia solution to educate consumers about their products and services in a more fun, engaging manner. Recently,  a Jebbit customer drove a 37% lift in usage of a key feature they highlighted during an educational Jebbit experience they launched. 

A Social Media & Brand Communications Marketer and  VP of Sales & Marketing came to us interested in “Capturing more qualified leads and wanting to better understand/segment their existing database of consumers”. Jebbit is a great way to capture not only net-new leads but leads that are enriched with zero-party data, making the next message/offer/content/etc. delivered not only more personalized, but more relevant. A beauty brand using a Jebbit Product Recommendation Quiz on their website has captured over 400K net-new leads and more than 12 million zero-party data attributes. Deploying Jebbit to known users (via email, SMS, in-app, etc.) is also a great way to validate that consumers are in the proper marketing database segments while simultaneously  enriching individual consumer profiles. A leading retailer uses Jebbit within their loyalty program and has been able to establish and nurture multiple loyalty personas to better personalize their messaging/content/offers/etc., resulting in more than $4 million in sales attributed to Jebbit. 

The Head of Data Science and Director of Marketing and Partnerships came to us interested in “replacing their traditional consumer surveys with more engaging, branded quizzes to capture more data and increase completion rates”. This is indeed a use case that Jebbit solves for but it's also important to note that many Jebbit clients also use our platform to complement their existing survey software solutions, which is why Jebbit offers integrations into leading survey and experience management technologies like Qualtrics. Using this methodology, a global live events and entertainment leader used Jebbit to power their music festivals and event surveys, enabling them to collect 5X the volume of data they were accustomed to collecting.

Finally, here’s a quick summary of the many pain-points Jebbit solves for: 

No matter your industry vertical, there are ways that Jebbit can be used to help you achieve your business objectives and drive lift across your organization. How? All you have to BOOK TIME WITH JEBBIT and we’ll show you!

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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