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Surveys: Renaissance or Revolution? featuring Live Nation

Welcome to a new series by Jebbit called Cocktails & Conversations!

Cocktails & Conversations is an ongoing series where Jebbit’s Chief Marketing Officer, Pam Erlichman, sits down with one of Jebbit’s clients, partners, or industry leaders to discuss a topic related to Marketing, Digital Experiences, Quiz Commerce etc. while enjoying a cocktail of choice.

In Episode 1, Pam sits down with Anubhav Mehrotra: VP of Product at Live Nation to cover the topic of ‘Surveys: Renaissance or Revolution?’.

Anubhav and Pam discuss:

🥂 Why traditional surveys need to be supplemented with more engaging experiences

🥂 How businesses can and should capture bite-sized information to show incremental lifts

🥂 How to track the change in mindset that a consumer may have at any point in their journey with declared data

..and so much more!

Check out this 90-Second clip for a sneak preview:

Interested in hearing the full story?


Published March 19, 2021

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