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Congratulations to the Winners + Finalists of the Virtual Jebbies!

Check out the winners and finalists from this year's Virtual Jebbies Awards Ceremony!

Interactive experiences, and quiz commerce specifically, are becoming a key component to any eCommerce Marketing Strategy.

While we weren’t able to host our annual conference ‘Declared’ in person this year, that didn’t stop us from holding a virtual version of our longstanding annual customer awards, The Jebbies! 

We recently celebrated all of the amazing work our clients have put in to help consumers adapt to digital. Keep reading to learn more about the endless opportunities in creating a Jebbit experience and get inspired for your next launch!

Design Champ – A&W Restaurants

What Kind of Road Tripper Are You?

Personality Quiz

A&W Restaurants, designed, built, and launched this fully customized personality quiz entirely on their own. This experience launched across social media, via email, and on-site. After public voting, A&W Restaurants was chosen as this year’s Design Champ!

Congratulations to the finalists: Burt’s Bees and the WNBA!

Small Biz Spotlight – Salty Sailor Co.

Find Your Perfect Cup

Product Match



Salty Sailor Co. created this “Find Your Perfect Cup” product finder quiz as a way to help their customers choose the best coffee flavor based on their preferences. The best part is Salty Sailor Co. was able to collect customer email addresses at the end in order to maintain personalized communications in the future. After a round of public voting, this experience was chosen as the winner!

Congratulations to the finalists: Adelsheim Vineyards, Fantome Perfume, and Leaf’d Box!

Top Personality Quiz – Dorel Juvenile

What is Your Parenting Style?

Personality Quiz


Dorel Juvenile’s Safety 1st division created this fun personality quiz as a way to recommend the best products to parents based on their “Parenting Style.” Not only did Dorel Juvenile make the shopping process simple and entertaining, but they also collected key insights about their customers. After a round of public voting, Dorel Juvenile was determined the winner!

Congratulations to the finalists: ASICS, Tyson, and the NFL!

COVID-19 Hero – Virginia Department of Public Health

Virginia Department of Public Health

COVID-19 Educational Experiences


The Virginia Department of Public Health has done a phenomenal job this past year in making sure the public is informed on all of the information surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The organization has created 10+ Educational Flows to help Virginians navigate COVID-19 information and precautions.

Launch Legend – Soko Glam

Soko Glam

Skin Concierge Experience


Soko Glam created this Skin Concierge experience in order to learn more about their customers and help recommend the best products and solutions based on their skin type. Soko Glam was this year’s Launch Legend because this experience was deployed across 8 different channels including TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and through email communications.

Expert Educator – Bliss Skincare


Vitamin C Skincare Quiz


What better way to educate your customers than with a fun trivia quiz? Bliss Skincare incorporated this Vitamin C skincare quiz in tandem with their new Vitamin C skincare line. Not only were customers able to learn everything they needed to know about this new line, but they also received personalized recommendations and were led right back to the site (with a special discount!) once they were complete.

Savvy Self-Starter – beam


Holiday Gift Finder


Launching an interactive experience doesn’t have to be difficult at all, in fact, some of the best experiences are short, sweet, and to the point! Our friends at beam designed, built and launched this Holiday Gift Finder in record timing – 1 hour and 4 minutes to be exact.

Best Use of Companion – Monster


Career Advice – Companion


We can all agree that any seamless eCommerce experience minimizes the number of redirects website visitors receive while they’re on your site. With the on-site companion widget, site visitors can receive personalized communications from any page they’re viewing. This companion experience by Monster does just that!


Data-Driven Marketing – NARS

Complexion Finder

Product Quiz


NARS wins this year’s Data-Driven Marketing Award for this Complexion Finder! Not only do consumers receive recommendations for the best products based on their complexion, but NARS also collected first-party declared data that they are able to use for personalized communications in the future!

Prized Partner – Pinterest

Personalized Boards



Pinterest and Jebbit have partnered on 30+ experiences to help consumers create personalized Pin Boards. This Signature Hardware example above is a simple, yet effective way for customers to receive inspiration for home decor and also look at personalized product recommendations based on their preferences.

Most Complex Build – eBay

Seller – 25-Year Celebration

Multimedia Experience


This experience by our friends at eBay exemplifies the endless opportunities in creating a Jebbit experience. This experience was built in partnership with Jebbit’s Studio team. eBay launched this experience using a combination of video, motion graphics, and multiple user paths in order to create a fully interactive, eye-catching experience.

Jebbit MVP – The National Football League (NFL) UK

NFL Quiz: London Games

Draft Pick Experience



The National Football League’s UK team launched a series of interactive experiences to generate more authentic fan-first engagement and collect first-party declared data to better personalize future communications. These campaigns exemplify the power of Jebbit experiences in engaging fans and customers across all regions.

There you have it!

These are the best of the best Jebbit experiences from the past year. Now that you’re feeling excited and inspired for your next Jebbit launch, don’t wait to get started!




Published March 4, 2021

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