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Case Study
October 15, 2020

beam Sees Conversion Skyrocket with Jebbit

When beam wanted to solve dual problems of education and conversion, they turned to Jebbit for help.

John Levis
Product Marketing Manager

The Problem

beam is a leading direct-to-consumer CBD brand that sells powders, tinctures, capsules, and topicals designed to promote wellness in the core areas of their customers’ lives, from focus and performance to sleep and recovery.

However, CBD products are a new industry, which meant that beam faced two challenges. First, they needed to capture consumers’ attention and raise awareness of their products. Then, they needed to educate consumers on which products were right for them. Was there a way to solve both these problems at once?

The Solution

beam quickly figured out that an on-site product match quiz would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone. So they created a custom, hard-coded experience that would grab customers’ attention and guide them to the right product for their needs.

What the beam team didn’t realize was that the custom experience would be expensive and time consuming. And, because everything was hard-coded, it was very difficult to update after it was finished. What’s more, the data collected by the experience was going into a black box. beam had no way to understand how users were responding or where they were dropping off. It was time for an upgrade.

That’s when beam turned to Jebbit. With a full suite of creative tools at their disposal, the beam team used the Jebbit platform to build and launch a beautiful new product match quiz in just two days. beam’s new Jebbit product match quiz gave the team complete visibility into how customers were interacting with the experience, offering insights into preferences and behavior. And, because nothing was hard-coded, they were able to quickly edit & optimize the quiz based on what they saw. All for no additional cost.

The Results

beam launched their Jebbit product match quiz in the spring of 2020, and since then over 19,000 customers have engaged with the experience, completing it at a rate of 87%. But while completions were a good sign that beam was educating its audience, they wanted to make sure they were selling products too. Jebbit excelled here as well. beam’s new product match quiz converted customers to purchase at a significantly higher rate than their original quiz.

Taking it to the next level

With the success of the product match quiz and access to the data that was being collected with it, beam wanted to activate their new data source to improve experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

The beam team integrated their Jebbit data with Klaviyo, a marketing platform that allows businesses to store and activate customer data in one place. By passing through data such as preferred products and reasons for using CBD, beam is able to provide better, more personalized marketing communications that are more valuable to both them and their customers.

Interested in building a product match quiz of your own? Sign up for free to get started today!

“Our Jebbit product match quiz gives us the ability to educate and convert our customers in a fun & engaging way, while also offering the data we need to improve experiences at every stage of the customer journey.”
-Alyssa Warth, Director of Growth, beam
John Levis
Product Marketing Manager

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