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August 30, 2022

How To Build a Product Recommendation Quiz For Shopify

Every e-commerce marketer knows the beauty of having a Product Recommendation quiz on your site, not only are they visually appealing, but they help drive conversion rates, increase sales, lead capture, average order value, etc, making them very appealing from an ROI perspective as well.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Creating and embedding one of these quizzes on your e-commerce based website or Shopify store can be a great way to engage potential customers and help existing customers find exactly what they're shopping for. Product recommendation quizzes automatically collect zero party data which provides you with the most accurate and trustworthy form of information about your audience. Having this data also allows you to have better customer profiles to leverage for retargeting. By letting your interactive quiz do the work for you, you will see that it's able to collect actionable data practically overnight. By asking a series of questions, you can narrow down the field of potential products and recommend the perfect one for all quiz takers, making their product selection simple. All shoppers who complete the quiz will be making confident purchasing decisions and will not leave any abandoned carts behind.

How To Make a Product Recommendation Quiz

We could write out the full journey of how to create a product recommendation quiz for your Shopify online store, BUT instead we have created this video for you that walks you through a step-by-step guide so you can see it first-hand. CLICK HERE TO WATCH!  

Since there is no coding required, your time is saved as well as a headache! Create beautiful, on brand experiences with a few clicks of a button.

Shopify App 

In today’s consumer first world, designing an e-commerce store to meet your customer's needs is simple, thanks to Shopify and the helpful apps you can find in their app store. With Jebbit’s Shopify app, you can fully integrate to personalize your Shopify store in minutes. The best part is, there are no design skills and no coding required. Don’t take it from us, take it from this article that lists Jebbit #1 under the best Shopify quiz apps that will help you grow your business. 

Apps that are found in the Shopify App store are put through rigorous tests to make sure that they meet the Shopify standards and are easy to use. The Jebbit Shopify app is no exception. Not only does our Shopify quiz app seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store, but it has been graded by Shopify as an app that will not affect your store speed, so you don’t have to worry about any disruptions to your customer’s onsite interactive quiz experience, and they're experience with your store in general.

Choosing the Right Questions for Your Shopify Product Recommendation Quiz

When creating a product recommendation quiz, it is crucial to ask the right questions. You'll want to ask questions that will help you narrow down the field of potential products and identify which product will be most beneficial to the user. You can ask general questions about the customer's needs and preferences. For example, you might ask what type of product they're looking for, what their budget is, or what their main concerns are. You can also ask more specific questions about the product itself. For example, you might ask about the customer's hair type if they're looking for a new shampoo, or their skin type if they're looking for a new moisturizer. Asking the right questions is essential to creating a successful product recommendation quiz for your Shopify storefront. However, you'll also want to make sure that your quiz is easy to use and understand, this means avoiding any technical jargon.

Keep it relevant, keep it engaging, keep it short.

Following these three simple steps will lead to the best quiz results and will then allow you to leverage customer profile data.

Not sure what questions to ask your target audience to successfully collect actionable data? Read up on the top questions we see global leading brands ask their audience time and time again HERE. 

Benefits of a Having a Product Recommendation Quiz for Your Shopify Store

What will this amazing quiz do for your Shopify storefront, you ask? The question is, what will it NOT do! Let’s take a look.

As customer needs increase, merchants have to satisfy this expectation consistently to provide the customer satisfaction they deserve. Here are the top 3 benefits to having a Jebbit Product Recommendation Shopify quiz:

Increase Lead Capture

Jebbit Quizzes have an average completion rate of 85%. Feature them in your ads, on site, in emails, or on your social channels. 

For example, our friends over at Indie Lee saw that 84% of users who started their quiz completed it. As well as seeing that 67% of their users who completed the quiz, subsequently submitted their lead information, yielding net-new leads to file, enriched with zero-party data collection.

Increase Conversion Rates

Personalized product recommendations and the post-purchase experience by syncing actionable data to your Shopify store, Klaviyo, Attentive and other tools. By leveraging these tools, improving your conversion rate will become effortless.

To name a real life scenario, an anonymous global leading beauty brand is seeing a 12-18% conversion rate with their product finder that launched in late May. Meanwhile, compared to their previous quiz with a 2.5% conversion rate without leveraging more of what Jebbit has to offer. By leveraging more of Jebbit's key features such as: Add to cart functionality and recommending multiple outcomes, their conversion rates have increased immensely.

Another example is with DIFF Eyewear as they achieved a 55% Conversion Rate using a Jebbit Product Recommendation Quiz. These numbers speak for themselves, to take a further look into their experience with Jebbit and the numbers they drove CLICK HERE! 

Increase Average Order Value

With a more holistic view of your customers, you can offer dynamic product recommendations for the right customers at the right time.

Our partners at Marmot saw a 89% product quiz completion rate, along with a 34% increase in average order value once their Product Recommendation quiz launched. 

Now that we have a taste of what a Product Recommendation quiz can bring to your Shopify store and the customer data it collects, let’s take a look at the features you can use to achieve success with your experience. 

With a Product Recommendation quiz for Shopify, you are able to…

Sync Products Directly to Your Jebbit Experience From your Shopify Catalog

Get this - when syncing your products from your Shopify catalog directly to your Jebbit experience, you won’t have the headache of CSV uploads. That’s right, no manual or time consuming work, Jebbit enables Shopify merchants to import products directly from their Shopify product catalog. Product images, descriptions, prices and product URLs are automatically pulled in directly.

Present Multiple Products to Consumers & Add Multiple Products to Cart

So, you're looking to recommend more than one product within your Jebbit experience? You got it. Plus, consumers can add multiple products to their cart straight from their Jebbit experience which is another tactic that allows merchants to increase their average order value, once again.

Dynamic Product Feed

This feature allows you to present personalized product recommendations dynamically from your Shopify catalog and allows you to choose whether or not to show products that are out of stock.

Sync Contact Information Across Shopify, Klaviyo & Jebbit

With these lovely integrations Jebbit offers, you, as an eCommerce brand, are enabled to pass contact information from the leads you capture with your Product Recommendation quiz along with the zero-party data the user shares back into Shopify, so that all valuable information is associated with the customer’s contact card. 

Jebbit’s direct integration with Klaviyo also allows you to send personalized email & SMS communications based on their wants and needs.

Reporting & Insights

The Jebbit brand dashboard is an all encompassing view of your Jebbit experience performance across any date range. Experience Analytics shows in-depth metrics on lead capture, engagements, views and completion rates. Question Analytics is a dashboard that will allow you to analyze at what rate users are responding and how they are answering. 

Product Recommendation Quiz Examples

Curious to see some Product Recommendation quiz examples? Click the link below to see 3 of our customers quizzes that have been highlighted on Jebbit's social media platforms for their creativity and high metrics they drove.  

  • Click here to take Kay Jewelers Product Recommendation quiz to get matched with your engagement ring style.

  • Click here to take JCPenney’s Product Recommendation quiz to be paired with luxurious products that address your biggest skincare concerns, and to keep your skin healthy and glowing all year around.

  • Click here to take Urban Decay’s Product Recommendation quiz that will present you a FULL outfit for any occasion. From the top to the bottom and everything in between, you will leave this quiz feeling inspired by your new look!

Have some more questions about Jebbit’s Shopify integration? We’re here to help. CLICK HERE to talk with a member of the Jebbit team and create your own product quiz today! Connect with our amazing support team to get your quiz up and live within hours, and pick the perfect quiz design for all of your brands needs.

CLICK HERE to get started on integrating your Shopify storefront with Jebbit. 

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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