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Case Study
August 9, 2022

DIFF Eyewear Drives 55% Conversion Rate Using Jebbit Product Recommendation Quiz

The Kardashians, Demi Lovato, Lauren London, Jessie James Decker - all have what in common? DIFF Eyewear! And when it comes to using fashion as a force for good, DIFF puts their money where their mouth is and over the past 7 years, has donated more than 1.4 million pairs of reading glasses to those in need around the world. Socially conscious and charitable at heart, DIFF Eyewear strives for the perfect pair of glasses, handcrafted with designer quality materials and delivered to their customers with love.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Keep reading to see how DIFF uses Jebbit to achieve their key business objectives and continue putting people and customers first!

To continue leading their industry, DIFF wanted to find a solution to help them drive more online conversions, increase their AOV, and acquire more qualified customers without breaking the bank. In order to do this, DIFF knew they needed to personalize the customer’s path to purchase and help them find the perfect pair of glasses based on their self-declared preferences and needs - versus leaving consumers on their own to browse through every possible option in the inventory. 

After several A/B tests across their site, they started thinking about the consumer experience and how they could bring their vision to life. Then, voila! They determined a Product Recommendation Quiz was the play - and Jebbit was the answer. 

Using Jebbit, DIFF was able to quickly build and launch their Product Recommendation Quiz, functioning as it needed to and helping customers find the right product(s) for them, and fast. 

85% of consumers who saw the quiz, engaged with it and 87% of consumers who engaged with it, completed it! As a result of delivering a highly engaging, personalized shopping experience to consumers, DIFF Eyewear’s Jebbit Quiz helped them drive a 55% conversion rate!

“We ultimately created this experience where it’s a very simple quiz that asks about your preferences and it shows you a collection page that's personalized based on your selections. That alone obviously helped increase conversions, gets people to the right product faster, and in terms of email address collection, that was also pretty incredible.” - Chad Jernigan

DIFF also uses Klaviyo to active data: 

“You can get similar data from Klaviyo because of the Klaviyo Pixel. They viewed this collection or they added this to cart but the first party data through Jebbit, you fully own and you have that logged so you can overlay those. Let’s say Klaviyo data doesn’t still say a person shopped for sunglasses or this type of collection. We can still take it from Jebbit and build out those segments and say, we saw them shopping here in Klaviyo and then on the quiz, they also did that and then you can increase segment size as you’re messaging.” - Raphael Paulin-Daigle

If you’re searching for the same success that DIFF Eyewear had with conversion rates, completion rates, and engagement rates, CLICK HERE to chat with a Jebbit expert and get started today. 

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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