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Case Study
December 13, 2019

Bliss Uses Jebbit to Increase Engagements by 25X

Using a skincare quiz to match consumers to products based on their skin type, Bliss Cosmetics built awareness for their new product launch, while gathering the information that would help them create new customers for life.

John Levis
Product Marketing Manager

The Challenge

Bliss Skincare is a decades-old brand with a rich history. Founded as a single spa in 1996, the company quickly expanded into a beauty & health empire that allows customers to recreate the spa experience at home.

After a series of sales & acquisitions, Bliss wanted to revitalize its brand image for a new generation of consumers, capturing attention & raising awareness about a new product launch. They wanted to use that engagement to gather assumption-free information about those consumers’ skincare routines and beauty preferences so that they could provide a level of personalization that would turn potential buyers into lifelong customers.

The Solution

Bliss used Jebbit to create a skincare quiz that matched customers with the best products for their skin type.

They launched via Instagram & email in order to build awareness, and on their own website to help visitors discover new products.

The Results

Jebbit allowed Bliss to connect with consumers on a personal level, at scale. Instagram posts featuring the quiz received 25x more swipes than regular posts, and the quiz saw a 91% completion rate across all channels. On-site lead capture was 34%, and because Bliss was able to create personalized emails based on consumers’ results, email open rates increased 167%.

Now, Bliss is using their Jebbit data to develop more accurate customer profiles. These new profiles will allow them to give customers more accurate and more timely recommendations, improving their propensity to buy and increasing their lifetime value.

Want to learn more? Check out our webinar!

John Levis
Product Marketing Manager

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