WHAT IS Zero-Party data?

The future is here, and it's consumer-first.

We enable businesses to thrive and win in the consumer-first, cookie-less world. And it will be the businesses that build their own proprietary sets of zero-party data that reign supreme.

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What is zero-party data?

Previously referred to here at Jebbit as declared data, zero-party data is defined as: “Data that a customer willingly and proactively shares with a brand, which can include preference center data, purchase intentions, personal context, and how the individual wants the brand to recognize her.”

Why does zero-party data matter?

GDPR and CPRA Legislation put a spotlight on the marketing and advertising industry, forcing global industries to do the right thing by putting consumers and their privacy FIRST. And in the short time since both legislative rollouts:

  • Apple made seismic changes to their iOS privacy features, impacting both the ad-platforms and the brand’s who advertise on their bottom lines.
  • Google has put marketers and advertisers in further disarray with their announcements regarding nearly identical changes to their Android OS privacy features as well as the deprecation of the 3rd-party cookie.
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🎉 Welcome To The Zero-Party Data Party 🎉

of consumers say that they see more irrelevant content and offers online than ever before
of marketers agree the personalized digital experience is a cornerstone of marketing programs
of marketers believe that zero-party data is critical to creating effective personalized experiences

🎂 We Saved You Some Cake 🎂

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How Brands Are Using Zero-Party Data

If a company is able to efficiently collect and use the information they gather about their audience, they will be able to deliver next level customer experiences that leave your customer happy and satisfied every single time.

A Popular QSR Brand

targets consumers on social media with a live-poll experience to source consumer opinions about new coffee options - capturing the insights needed to make informed, data-driven decision.

A Global Beauty Brand

places a “Discover Your Perfect Hair Routine” quiz on their website homepage that helps consumers find the perfect products for them based on answers to questions about their hair type, lifestyle, climate they live in, etc.

A Major Athletics Retailer

sends its loyalty program members into a “What Type of Runner Are You?” personality quiz - where users answer questions about their running habits, goals, and more that maps them to a unique runner persona for future messaging.

Everyone Wins With Zero-Party Data

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Brands Win

  • Overcome the challenges they are facing as a result of Apple's iOS privacy changes and Google's both Android OS privacy changes as well as the deprecation of the 3rd-party cookie
  • GDPR, CCPA, and SOC-2 compliant
  • Receive the data needed to deliver better, more relevant consumer experiences, offers, messages, and more

Customers Win

  • More personalized, relevant messages, content, offers from the data explicitly shared about their preferences, needs and motivations
  • Genuine value exchange
  • Trust that their data is being used the right way
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42% of marketers that have access to zero-party data don’t know what to do with it.

No worries, we’ve got you! With more than 50 integrations (and counting) into the most popular marketing technology solutions and apps -  paired with our unrivaled strategy and support, you’ll know exactly what to do with the zero-party data you collect using Jebbit!

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