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October 18, 2022

Introducing Jebbit Lightbox: A Website Pop-up Experience Like No Other

Today, we’d like to reintroduce Lightbox with some valuable updates

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Pop ups are one of the most versatile tools you have at your fingertips. They can be used to collect emails, increase average order value, guide visitors, and lock in sales.

The term "pop up" has historically had a negative connotation, being associated with spammy or intrusive behavior towards innocent website visitors. However, in today's world of email and SMS marketing, pop ups can actually be a valuable lead generation tool, if used correctly. Pop ups in the form of a box or bar on your page can grab people's attention and encourage visitors to buy from your ecommerce store, enhancing their overall experience.

Jebbit’s Lightbox

We all know and love Jebbit’s Lightbox, it’s a captivating and enjoyable experience for every consumer by greeting visitors based on their needs and interests. You can still capture leads, as well as collect zero party data, and increase conversion by driving them to what they want. 

Rather than just standard lead-capture like every other pop up lead form, Jebbit is bringing our expertise in capturing and sustaining user attention into a new distribution function from Jebbit.

Today, We’d like to Reintroduce Lightbox with Some Valuable Updates!

You now have more control over when Lightbox is presented to your website visitors:

  1. Full targeting capabilities: Set a limit on how often a visitor can see the lightbox pop up.
  2. Customize exit capabilities: Trigger the lightbox unit based on where the user's cursor is on the page and give the user control to exit out of the lightbox pop up.
  3. Personalize lightbox based on previous lead capture: Stop spamming customers. Customize when Lightbox shows up, if the lead capture information has already been collected for a user, that user won't see the lightbox unit.
Ways to use Lightbox:
Say hi to new website visitors with Lightbox

Ask the customer 2 - 3 questions about their preferences, intents and what they are shopping for. This will help you personalize the rest of the customer journey across your site. 

Cart Abandonment Lightbox

Learn why visitors are abandoning their cart and recover more sales when people are about to abandon their carts on your website. These are also called ‘exit intent’ popups.

Cross-sell Lightbox

This popup is used to suggest complementary products based on someone's cart. This allows for personalized recommendations and increased average order value

We love our Lightbox so much, we made this TV commercial that you’ll hopefully catch the next time your watch the local 6 o’clock news:

Jebbit Lightbox: The Website Popup That's Better Than Ever

Add your Lightbox to any new or existing experience and watch your lead capture skyrocket. CLICK HERE to get started!

Do you want to test a Jebbit Lightbox against your current website popup? Reach out to our Product Manager, Chad, at and he can hook you up. If you do the test, we'll do the work!

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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