Jebbit Lightbox is like a website pop-up form, but better.

Lightbox can help you increase conversions & lead capture while capturing valuable zero-party data that will help you get to know your customer better.

Jebbit Lightbox Pop-Up Example

Not all pop-ups are created equal and in fact, some are just downright annoying

Jebbit's Lightbox enables brands to provide a genuine value exchange to the consumer.

Here are all the ways you can utilize Lightbox for a pop up on your website:

Say hi to new visitors with a welcome lightbox

Ask the customer 2 - 3 questions about their preferences and intents. This will help you personalize the rest of the customer journey across your site.

Recover more sales with a cart abandoner lightbox

Learn why people are abandoning their carts and recover more sales when people are about to abandon their carts on your website. These are also called exit intent popups.

Provide personalized recommendations with a cross-sell lightbox

This popup is used to suggest complementary products based on someone's cart. This allows for personalized recommendations and increased average order value.

Jebbit User Flow Example

Full targeting capabilities

Set a limit on how often a visitor can see the lightbox pop up

Customize exit capabilities

Trigger the lightbox unit based on where the user's cursor is on the page and give the user control to exit out of the lightbox pop up.

Personalize lightbox based on previous lead capture

Stop spamming customers. Customize when Lightbox shows up, if the lead capture information has already been collected for a user, that user won't see the lightbox unit.

Lightbox makes it ridiculously simple to capture zero-party, reduce returns and increase conversions.

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