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March 2, 2022

New Feature Release - Lightbox Now Available!

In what feels like only a flash, we're rolling out yet another game-changing feature to light up your website visitors! Starting RIGHT NOW, you can deploy Jebbit quizzes and experiences via Jebbit Lightbox!

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

What is it?

When you think of your typical popup modal, "annoyance" might be the first descriptive noun you think of. You know, those interruptive banners that throttle your flow mid-scroll after you land on a new website? The things that companies use to quickly capture your email address in exchange for a small discount and completely sacrifice the customer experience in the process. Yep, those are the ones and in the most recent article we published, you can find more about this topic.

Lightboxes, in the traditional sense, give marketers another point solution to guide the consumer journey with a not-so-gentle nudge. We think we can be better. So, we built the Jebbit Lightbox! But it's not exactly what you might be imagining right now in your head.

So...Why is it Different?

We all know that one of the many strengths Jebbit has is engaging and entertaining all customers through interactive experiences. Jebbit's Lightbox is a captivating and enjoyable experience for every consumer by greeting visitors based on their needs and interests. You can still capture leads, as well as collect zero party data, and increase conversion by driving them to what they want. Rather than just standard lead-capture like every other popup lead form, Jebbit is bringing our expertise in capturing and sustaining user attention into a new distribution function from Jebbit.

How do I use it?

Just like all of our experiences, it's simple to build. We've broken it down step by step with this short tutorial video we created. This will help you get started on your lightbox journey as well as this article in our knowledge base.

Now without further ado, get out there and get lightboxing! Add it into any new or existing experience and watch your lead capture skyrocket. Click here to get started.

Hey Jebbit customers, do you want to test a Jebbit Lightbox against your current website popup? Hit up our Product Manager, Chad, at and he can hook you up. If you do the test, we'll do the work.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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