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March 9, 2023

How to Make Your Emails More Interactive for Better Customer Engagement

Learn how to enhance your email marketing strategy with interactive content that captures zero-party data, boosts customer engagement, and improves customer experience.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing toolbox. It allows you to connect with your audience in a personalized way, promote your brand, and drive sales. However, if you're still sending plain text emails, you're missing out on an opportunity to make your emails more interactive and engaging. 

In this blog post, we'll explore how you can add interactive elements to your emails to capture zero-party data, boost customer engagement, and improve customer experience.

Why Interactive Emails Matter for Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know that interactive emails have a 73% higher click rate than static emails? When your emails contain interactive elements, they grab the attention of your subscribers and keep them engaged. 

When you incorporate interactive elements in your emails, you can create a personalized experience for each subscriber. Personalization is critical for modern-day marketing since it helps you build a relationship with your customers. 

By gathering zero-party data, you can learn more about your subscribers' interests, preferences, and behaviors. This information can then be used to create targeted and personalized email campaigns that resonate with your subscribers.

Types of Interactive Emails

There are several types of interactive emails that you can incorporate into your email marketing strategy. Some examples include:

Surveys and quizzes: Encourage your subscribers to provide feedback or answer questions related to your product or service.

GIFs and videos: Add some movement to your emails with animated GIFs or embedded videos.

(Like this)

Interactive images: Allow subscribers to hover over an image to reveal additional information.

Interactive product carousels: Showcase a selection of products that subscribers can scroll through and click to learn more.

How to Create Interactive Emails

Creating interactive emails can seem like a daunting task for those who are new to email marketing. However, there are several tools and platforms available that make it easier than you might think. Here are some steps to help you create engaging and interactive email campaigns.

Choose the right tool or platform: There are several tools and platforms available that can help you create interactive email campaigns, choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Determine your interactive email type: Decide on the type of interactive email you want to create. Would you like to add a survey, quiz, GIFs, or videos? Knowing your email's objective and desired outcome can help you determine which interactive elements to include.

Plan your content and design: Plan out the content and design of your email. Make sure it aligns with your brand's image, message, and tone. Keep in mind that interactive emails must be easy to navigate and understand for your subscribers.

Create your interactive elements: Using your chosen tool or platform, create your interactive elements, such as surveys, quizzes, or GIFs. You can also use pre-designed templates to make the process easier and faster.

Test your email: Before sending out your interactive email, make sure to test it on different devices and email clients. This ensures that your email looks and works as intended, regardless of the device or email client used.

Monitor and analyze: Once you've sent out your interactive email, track its performance and analyze the data you've gathered. This can help you determine which interactive elements were most effective and how to improve your future campaigns.

Best Practices for Interactive Emails

To ensure that your interactive emails are effective, it's essential to follow best practices. Some tips to keep in mind include:

Keep it simple - Don't overload your emails with too many interactive elements.

Make it mobile-friendly - Most people check their emails on their smartphones, so ensure that your interactive emails are optimized for mobile devices.

Test, test, test! - Before sending out your interactive emails, test them on different devices and email clients to ensure that they work correctly.

Now that you know the benefits of interactive emails and how to create them, it's time to take action! Start by exploring the different types of interactive emails and experimenting with various tools and platforms. Leverage Jebbit to create interactive experiences that capture zero-party data, boost customer engagement, and improve customer experience. With these tips and best practices, you'll be on your way to creating engaging and interactive email campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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