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March 23, 2020

3 Ways to Bring the In-Store Experience to Digital

How you can continue to provide an in-store experience when all of your customers have gone digital.

Pam Erlichman
Chief Marketing Officer

In retail, nothing replaces the help and guidance of a stellar sales associate (think the opposite of Pretty Woman).  You’re not sure quite what you’re looking for but then a friendly face comes up and asks all the right questions and suddenly you are being walked into a dressing room or a section of the store and a smile lights up your face because they nailed it for you.

Given the current conditions due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we obviously have some big challenges to making that in-store magic happen for the foreseeable future. But all is not lost – here are 3 fantastic ways our retail and CPG clients have redesigned the digital shopping experience to make it more human and personal.

1. Window shopping

A customer walks by and sees that new outfit, scent, or seasonal product line.  They had zero intention of going in that store today but now it’s a must. How do you recreate that “draw them in” appeal? Picture yourself scrolling social media or checking email when you come across “Answer 3 questions to find your look this season” or “Which of these new products are perfect for you?” You’re curious, right? It takes no time at all and the promise of something personal for me is too good to resist. Once I get my personalized outcome, I can immediately click to that specific product or look on the website.

2. Personal shopping

I already described how comforting and helpful it is when you have someone there to ask the right questions and quickly navigate you to the best choice. Yes, chatbots can do that too. But let’s be honest, most of us only use those when we have some sort of customer service issue. A much less intrusive and easier way to do this is to create an onsite experience that better replicates the in-store associate.  By answering a couple of questions such as “Are you shopping for yourself or someone else?” “What category are you looking for?” “Do you have a color in mind?” or “How much are you looking to spend?” your onsite experience can quickly and effectively navigate visitors straight to their cart. We’ve seen clients convert up to 60% of those engagements to an actual purchase.

3. Just browsing

There is nothing more annoying – both in-store and online – than when you’re just killing time or casually browsing but the sales associate isn’t “picking up what you’re putting down.” They keep asking if you need help or push products in front of you. This is essentially what happens with digital retargeting and the impact is two-fold. One, the brand wastes direct response money retargeting someone who has zero interest. And two, shoppers now associate your brand with being annoying and creepy. But there’s a simple solution: just ask. You can create a quick segmentation strategy by asking simple questions when they arrive on site (it could be in the very same experience as the personal shopper above). “I need inspiration,” “I’m just browsing,” “I’m shopping for something specific.”  The answer they give you allows you to quickly and easily create three very different brand experiences. Experiences they will value long beyond this trip.

The digital shopping experience can be overwhelming and at times creepy. These simple redesigns can provide a better, more personalized way to help attract new shoppers and convert active ones. Plus, these experiences provide the data you need to be relevant to them both in the moment and in the moments that follow.

Want to see examples of how other brands are taking the best of the in-store experience and bringing it online?  Check out how companies like EXPRESS, Jenny Craig, and Bliss are using Jebbit, or email me at

Pam Erlichman
Chief Marketing Officer

Pam Erlichman
Chief Marketing Officer

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