Customer Stories

Express Drives Seven Figures in Sales to Loyalty Audience

With Style Challenges that captured declared data, Express engaged their loyalty audience and enhanced their segmentation to deliver truly personalized marketing.

The Challenge

Express wanted to deepen engagement of their NEXT loyalty members during “non-shoppable moments.” Their aim was to drive brand affinity as well as to better understand their loyalty audience by collecting declared data.

The Solution

Jebbit created monthly “style challenges” for Express NEXT members, such as a work style quiz and a denim finder quiz.

The experiences matched users with curated and personalized products based on their answers.

Express experimented with incentivizing to complete the quizzes with points or a $5 credit to their NEXT account.

The Results

Through the style challenges, Express was able to better understand loyalty members’ personal style and enhance their segmentation with greater confidence and accuracy than was possible with purchase data alone.

Express ended each quiz with a curated selection of products, and also created personalized trigger emails based on the data they gathered.

While their initial motivation was engagement, rather than conversion, they brought in seven figures of revenue between direct and incremental sales.

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