2023 Holiday Marketing Guide

The holiday season is a great time to engage your audience and promote your brand. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective is through product recommendations and gift finders.

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Discover how to engage your audience throughout the holiday season

Building gift finders

Product finders are a crucial component of any marketing strategy to help you capture customers' attention and boost sales.

Do more with less

This holiday season, you can increase sales without spending more and compromising your holiday marketing campaigns.

The power of personalization

Make your marketing more effective this holiday season by using personalization to effectively communicate to your audience.

Help consumers find exactly what they are looking for this holiday season

Gain new customers and reach out to existing customers using a gift finder and take the guesswork out of their shopping experience.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the busiest online shopping season of the year

Let’s get down to milk and cookies: For brands and consumers alike, the holidays are challenging. Consumers are shopping online more than ever before and although convenient, purchasing gifts for everyone on their Nice List can feel as overwhelming as trying to swim through crowds to take advantage of all those Black Friday Doorbuster Deals.

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$1.3 T

2023 expected holiday sales

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$236 B

2023 expected e-commerce sales

When you are launching a promotion or sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll likely see an influx of users visiting your social media accounts and website. Use this time to increase your sales and ROI by not only learning more about them but providing them with value.

Why you should build a product gift finder quiz during the holidays

By taking a quiz, consumers can answer a series of questions that will help brands recommend products that are a perfect match for them. Not only will this make gift-giving easier for consumers, but it will also help brands sell more products and boost their bottom line. So this holiday season, consider giving the gift of a product recommendation quiz. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

Customer interaction and data capture are easier than you think

You can build a Holiday Gift Finder without ever touching a line of code and embed it prominently on your homepage (or any other digital channel). When consumers land on your site, they will answer questions about who they are shopping for, what their preferences and needs are, their budget, and more. In the end, customers will be mapped to the most relevant gift recommendations based on their unique answers.

So in a single user interaction, you will: 

  1. Collect zero-party data directly from consumers:  their email, budget, persona, product preferences, and more. This data becomes a valuable marketing asset you can use to segment your list and fuel future holiday marketing strategies.
  2. Capture net-new leads:  Reach customers who may have never heard of your brand before but are interested in your product recommendations and increase sales without breaking the bank on holiday marketing spend.
  3. Power real-time personalization:   Take the guesswork out of what products to promote and when. Automatically show each user the most relevant gift recommendations in real time.
  4. Drive online conversions:   By making it easier for consumers to find the perfect gift, you’ll be driving more sales and ROI this holiday season
Use Jebbit for product finders and gift guides this holiday season

How to build your product recommendation quiz

Product recommendation quizzes can help you increase your average order value and encourage customers to buy from you again.

When creating a product recommendation quiz, consider the following:

  • What is the goal of the quiz? Are you trying to generate leads or make sales?
  • Who is your target audience? What are their interests?
  • What type of questions will you ask? Multiple choice, true or false, or something else entirely?
  • How will you promote the quiz? Will you share it on social media, embed it on your website, or send it out in an email campaign?

Build your gift finder experience in less than 10 minutes: 

Tailor interactions to each customer for a unique experience

Now that you know how to build a product recommendation quiz, it’s time to personalize the experience for each customer.

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Meeting your customers where they want to be engaged with you means more than just discount codes and special offers.

It requires a tailored approach based on understanding their needs, wants, and limitations. You can do this by focusing on communication when it will have the greatest impact or by teaching educational content that entertains them until they're ready for another interaction from you!

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A study from Bain & Company found that personalization can lift revenues by as much as 15%.

How do you personalize the customer experience? Start with segmentation!

There are a few different ways to segment your audience. The most common method is by using demographic information like age, gender, location, or income. But you can also segment your audience by their interests, behaviors, or even how they interact with your brand.

Once you’ve segmented your audience, you can start to personalize the customer experience.

Some ways to do this are: 

  • Creating targeted content: You can create blog posts, social media posts, or even email campaigns that are specifically tailored to each segment of your audience.
  • Offering personalized discounts: You can offer segmented discounts that are relevant to each customer’s needs and interests.
  • Sending targeted emails: You can send emails with content that is specific to each segment of your audience.
By personalizing the customer experience, you will be able to increase brand loyalty and lifetime value.
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Gain valuable insights about customer preferences and behavior

By simply asking your customers "Who are you shopping for" you can quickly learn about their preferences, what type of products they're interested in, and what kind of budget they have. This information can be extremely valuable when it comes to creating targeted content, discounts, and emails.

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Use zero-party data collected with Jebbit to segment your audience and show them different questions, products, and offers

For example, if you know that a customer is interested in buying a gift for their significant other, you can show them questions about what type of relationship they are in and what their partner’s interests are.

If you know that a customer is interested in a particular type of product, you can show them questions about that product and then make recommendations for similar products.

You can also use quiz data to segment your email list and send targeted emails with personalized content. By tailoring the quiz experience to each customer, you’ll be able to increase sales and create a more loyal customer base.

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Put yourself in your customer's shoes and picture this scenario:

Every single winter, your dad won’t stop complaining about how cold it is every time he walks the dogs and you can’t take it anymore. So, you head over to and after poking around, you find the perfect coat. An upgrade to his style and one that melts away his winter woes. Add to cart. Click. Purchase. Done.

Then it begins. You hop on Instagram three weeks later and see an ad for the same coat you just bought. The “Check out these perfect boots to complement your new coat” emails keep coming. The onslaught of banner ads across every website you visit begins to haunt you.

The punchline here is don't infer. Just ASK! Just because the imaginary customer above bought a coat, don’t assume it was for them. Give them the chance to tell you it was for their dad and then use that information to send more relevant content like Father’s Day offers!

By understanding the needs, wants, and limitations of your audience, you can create a personalized experience that will engage them throughout the holiday season!

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