Build shoppable product recommendation quizzes in minutes

Our product match quiz builder makes it easy to drive traffic and boost conversions on your e-commerce site.

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Boost sales with quizzes that match customers to products they love

Easily create engaging quizzes that provide real-time insights to your consumers and drive sales.

Increase average order value

Promote an entire collection of related products, so shoppers are able to add all available bundles to their shopping cart.

Boost user engagement

Jebbit experiences allow you to not only capture more leads but learn each consumers preferences, interests and motivations so you understand how to be most relevant.

Increase customer lifetime value

Now that you have the data, you can use it to personalize your emails, site experience, retargeting and more.


Crafting your experience is as easy as 1-2-3...4

Create your product recommendation quiz

Product recommendations allow you to create a personalized shopping experience for your consumers and are a great way to increase average order value.

Generate new leads

Lead capture forms help to collect contact information from your quiz takers. You can then use this information to follow up with them later with coupons, and new product releases, or to convert them into life-long customers.

Gather data from your customers

By gathering first-party data on what your customers want and/or need you will start to have a more holistic view of who your customers are. This not only helps to improve customer satisfaction but also boosts sales

Retarget - sell more w/personalized follow up's

It's important to keep your customers coming back. You can use the data from your quizzes to generate targeted ads that will reach the right people at the right time. and remind them of your product or service.


Jebbit is the leading recommendation engine for growing and established ecommerce brands.

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Upload and automate your product feed

Easily make changes to your product catalog without having to update your feed manually.

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Add multiple product outcomes

Delight your customers with even more relevant content. Up to 12 product recommendations can be displayed on your outcome screen.

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Pre-populated shopping carts

Eliminate the hassle of adding products one by one. Utilize URL shopping cart compatibility for a seamless user experience.

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Create localized experiences

Delight customers with experiences that are tailored specifically for them and feel confident that you're reaching all of your potential customers.

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SFTP product feed upload

You can upload or download files by SFTP. It's fast, easy and secure!

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Personalized outcomes based on form field responses

Easily get the data you need to personalize your recommendations.

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Leverage product feed for Shopify

If you are a Shopify merchant you can pull in your product data directly from your storefront into a Jebbit experience.

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A/B testing and reporting

AB Test Reporting is a way to measure the effectiveness of the AB splits you set up on your experience.

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