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60-Second Story: Boden and Jebbit

Boden was looking to improve their customer's online shopping experience and also drive better quality lead capture. Keep reading to learn how they achieved exactly that and so much more with Jebbit.

Capturing first-party declared data points is made simple through interactive experiences. Don’t take it from us, take it from U.K.-based retailer, Boden! Boden has launched a number of engaging experiences to not only built consumer trust but also drove their lead capture rate to over 25%!

Learn exactly how they did it and unlock our top tips to:

  •  Understand your most important data points and make them your focus.
  • Gain your customer’s trust.
  • Deliver genuine value in every customer interaction.

Interested in learning more? Watch the on-demand recording of our recent webinar with Boden’s Digital Marketing Associate, Lauren Green.


Published March 15, 2021

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