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March 17, 2020

5 proven ways to engage consumers right now

5 proven ways to engage consumers right now.

Pam Erlichman
Chief Marketing Officer

With the current threat of COVID-19, we’re all looking for answers. But let’s be honest, no marketer has all the answers right now.

The silver lining is there’s beauty in unity. We all need ideas and inspiration, and we all need to move quickly. Our jobs right now go beyond conveying a product or brand message – they need to deliver a little bit of fun, entertainment, and – most importantly – an escape from the newsfeed.

Our clients have been asking us for the most effective ways to engage consumers right now. It’s never been a more important time to capture attention and drive consumers to your online channels. So, in the spirit of unity, we wanted to share our top forms of engagement.

  1. “This or That” Voting Experiences: Historically, we’ve seen the highest completion rates on this simple concept. Better yet, it takes no time to build! Let your audience vote on what they like most, show them how others are voting in real time, then follow up with results later. It works across industries: Fashion, Sports, CPG…whatever!
  2. “How well do you know x?” Knowledge Test: Everyone loves to test their knowledge on a topic when only they can see their results. Trivia is a great way to educate consumers on points of view that are important to your brand in a fun and engaging way. Plus, you can squeeze in one additional question about a preference that will help you remarket more relevantly.
  3. “Find the perfect x for you” Product Match: Who doesn’t want a custom recommendation based on their own preferences? Product Matches are one of the best ways to drive someone to your site, even to a specific page. We’ve seen online conversion rates as high as 60% for some clients.
  4. “Shop the season” Lookbook/Catalog: How do you create an in-store experience without the store? Create an interactive catalog showcasing all the latest products and trends. This can be as simple as a linear lookbook, or it can branch off in a number of ways based on how each question is answered. Men’s or Womens? Pinks or reds? Send them down virtual aisles based on what interests them most.
  5. “What type of x are you?” Personality Quiz: Let’s be honest, we all love quizzes that tell us about us😉. These are one of the most popular ways to engage, and for good reason – it’s all about making the consumer the hero of the experience. Personality quizzes have an amazing ability to get to the heart of consumers’ interests and motivations, and are fantastic for lead capture since everyone wants to get their fun results.

On average, these types of experiences generate engagement rates of 80-90%. How is that possible? It’s simple. Each one provides genuine value to the consumer. Over the last 7 years, we’ve honed in on the best ways to capture attention and drive business results.

These experiences are fully branded, require no code or dev work, and can be built in our platform in an hour – not days or weeks. All our marketing playbooks are out the window right now but engagement is still key. I hope this post sparks an idea for you. If you want to see some of these in action, here is a Jebbit experience showcasing some case studies. Want to connect? Please reach out to me at

Pam Erlichman
Chief Marketing Officer

Pam Erlichman
Chief Marketing Officer

Loves coffee, coffee, and then more coffee

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