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January 18, 2022

First-Party Data: The Need is Real for Brands

The realization is quickly setting in on how important First Party Data is becoming. This information is a true necessity for several brands, especially after seeing the impact tracking bans are having on their revenue, the need is real.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

The Marketing Strategy You Need to See Ultimate Success

Not capturing First Party Data and relying on Third Party cookies has become a serious issue, especially with Google's announcement that the death of the cookie is slowly creeping upon us this year. A considerable number of CPG and eCommerce brands are concerned, and with this realization setting in, the search for collecting First Party Data has been skyrocketing.

"I'm heartened to see a range of CPG brands getting serious about developing a First Party Data strategy. It's been a long time coming"

Pam Erlichman (CMO) hits on several key points when it comes to First Party Data. Diving in on how to ask consumers for their data, what data from your consumers you really need, and the importance of starting this marketing strategy right now. You are clicks away from transforming your customers' engagement to two-way, value-based exchanges. Better customer experiences require better data.

Touching on Google's announcement of browsers no longer supporting tracking, Snapchat's failure to meet revenue expectations for the third quarter, and how much money CPG companies pay just to have a successful DTC company. We are giving you all of the answers you've been looking for as to why it's time to get started on your First Party Data journey with you customers.

"Here's a tip: You don't need to pay that kind of money to have direct relationships with consumers. As the brands highlighted in the WSJ demonstrate, you just need a clever, fully transparent approach to asking consumers for their data, and a bit of patience."

First Party Data is Marketers top choice for driving customer engagement and insights. These are all of your answers as to why your company is going to need this strategy in 2022. We're here to help, click here to read more, and click here to book a demo to transform your marketing strategy.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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