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August 8, 2023

Strategies for Acquiring More Customers Digitally

Unlock Digital Customer Acquisition: Learn effective lead capture, traffic generation, & website engagement strategies.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

In the modern world where everything happens online, getting new customers is really important for all kinds of businesses. To do this well, companies need to use different ways like making forms that convince people to share their contact info, bringing the right people to their websites, and making sure their websites are interesting and easy to use. In this guide, we'll talk about each of these important topics and explain how businesses can get more customers online.

Implement Effective Lead Capture Methods 

To kick-start the process of customer acquisition, brands must prioritize the development of persuasive lead capture methods. Crafting captivating lead capture forms and landing pages is a cornerstone of this tactic. These elements should be thoughtfully designed to prompt visitors to willingly provide their contact details in exchange for valuable incentives, such as informative content, exclusive discounts, or enticing offers. Achieving this involves a detailed approach, including:

  1. Crafting compelling lead capture forms: Designing forms with a clear and concise layout that minimizes friction. Strategically placing persuasive and action-oriented copy to encourage participation. Incorporating progressive profiling to collect more information over time, enhancing personalization.
  2.  Designing engaging landing pages: Creating visually appealing and cohesive landing page layouts that align with brand aesthetics. Crafting engaging headlines and subheadings that highlight the value proposition. Incorporating multimedia elements like videos and infographics to bolster the appeal.

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website 

Utilize targeted digital advertising campaigns across channels such as search engines, social media, and display networks to drive relevant traffic to your website. Optimize your ads for specific keywords, demographics, or interests to ensure you attract the right audience who are more likely to convert into leads and customers.

Enhance Website Engagement and User Experience

Improving the way people feel when they visit your website is really important. You want them to stick around and look at more web pages. To make this happen, you should make sure your website is easy to use and has a nice aesthetic. Use pictures and videos that catch people's attention, and make sure it's easy for them to move around and find what they're looking for. Also, make sure the content on your website is interesting and helpful to the people who are visiting.

One way to make your website even better is by giving people recommendations based on what they like. This can be done through any of Jebbits solutions, one being a product recommendation quiz. If someone is looking at shoes, offering a product recommendation quiz on your website could save them time by matching them to a pair of shoes that fits exactly what they were looking for. This can make them more interested and likely to stay on your website longer. Another cool thing you can do is show off your products in a fun way. Instead of just showing pictures, you could let people interact with the products, like spinning them around or zooming in to see the details. This can make people feel like they're really checking out the products in person.

Don't forget about customer reviews! People love to know what others think about your products or services. By showing reviews from happy customers, you're building trust and giving visitors more reasons to stick around and explore. When they see that other people had a good experience, they're more likely to feel confident and keep looking around your website.

So, in a nutshell, make your website a place that people enjoy visiting. Use fun graphics, make it easy to find things, and give them interesting content to read and interact with. Always remember, the longer people stay on your website and have a good time, the more likely they are to become your customers.

Mastering Digital Customer Acquisition

By combining effective lead capture methods, targeted traffic acquisition, and a user-centric website experience, CPG and retail brands can increase their chances of acquiring more leads and customers digitally. It's crucial to continuously optimize and refine these strategies based on data and customer feedback to drive sustainable growth.

Want to learn more? Join the Jebbit team for a group demo where we'll walk through key features and functions and showcase how an interactive experience achieves results such as reduce cost per lead or CAC, more value per lead, create lead nurturing strategies, increase website traffic & time on site. Join one today!

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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