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July 2, 2021

Jebbit Announces SOC 2 Compliance

Matt Keemon
Chief Technology Officer

by Matthew Keemon, CTO @ Jebbit

Data security is a concern for all brands, especially when it comes to the data that is handled by 3rd-party vendors like Jebbit. Consumers feel the same way. In Jebbit’s most recent Consumer Data Trust Index, 21% of consumers cited “public data scandal” as the #1 reason to distrust a brand with their personal data.

Needless to say, when evaluating software providers, knowing that your data is safe and secure is a top priority. While Jebbit has always worked to ensure that we securely store your data, achieving SOC 2 compliance is a validation of our efforts to ensure that we are meeting the gold standard for data security.

Here’s what our compliance means to you.

What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 (short for Service Organization Control 2) is an auditing procedure developed by the American Institute of CPAs that ensures service providers securely manage their customers’ data and are properly protecting their privacy.

SOC 2 compliance is based around 5 trust service principles:

  1. Security: Are system resources protected against unauthorized access?
  2. Availability: Is data accessible in the event of a system failure?
  3. Processing Integrity: Is the right data delivered to you at the right time?
  4. Confidentiality: Is data access and disclosure restricted to a specified set of persons and/or organizations?
  5. Privacy: is Personal Identifiable Information (PII) collected, used, retained, disclosed, and disposed of in accordance with privacy standards and in a way that prevents unauthorized access?

Why does SOC 2 compliance matter?

First and foremost, SOC 2 compliance demonstrates Jebbit’s commitment to providing our customers with the best level of service we can. It also gives us an opportunity to practice what we preach; to demonstrate our dedication to high security and risk mitigation standards.

Most importantly, we hope that SOC 2 compliance will help YOU rest easy, knowing that when you work with Jebbit, all you need to focus on is creating amazing digital experiences that your customers will love, and that we’re working hard on the back end to make sure your (and your customers’) data is as safe and secure as it can be.

How does SOC 2 compliance affect my brand?

On the surface, Jebbit’s SOC 2 compliance will have no effect on how you use the Jebbit platform. Nothing has changed; we’re using the same quality processes and systems to protect and secure your data that we used prior to our certification.

We hope that this certification gives you the confidence and peace of mind to continue using Jebbit to build beautiful experiences that engage and delight your customers, providing a genuine exchange of value for the declared data that is so essential to a successful modern data strategy.

For more information on Jebbit’s SOC 2 compliance, please contact

Matt Keemon
Chief Technology Officer

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