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November 6, 2020

Product Recommendation Quiz 101

With an interactive product recommendation quiz, your marketing team can power assumption-free recommendations that match consumers to the products they’re actually likely to purchase. 

Brianna Conley

One of the biggest challenges in adapting to the digital age (especially in 2020) is replicating the personalized eCommerce experience often associated with traditional brick-and-mortar.

When shopping in-store, an associate is readily available to help guide the consumer to the exact product they’re looking for and *voila* the shopper receives a seamless, easy shopping experience right then and there.

Product Recommendation Quiz Guide

The trouble with digital shopping is consumers are often left on their own. Sure, targeted advertisements are a great start, but often these generalizations leave consumers feeling like the brand has no understanding of their wants and needs.

So, how can marketers replicate personalized recommendations digitally and with greater accuracy? The solution is interactive product recommendation quizzes.

What is a Product Recommendation Quiz?

Product recommendation quizzes are exactly what they sound like — a simple way to help consumers find products, rather than having to scroll through a (seemingly) endless catalogue of options.

However, where many of these traditional product recommendation quizzes fall short, is failing to create an engaging experience or making incorrect assumptions based on user behavior/clicks.

Of course we want to help you increase your bottom line and size of shopping carts, so why not do so in a way that’s also fun and engaging? Not to mention the added ease of a platform that is fully customizable requires 0 coding experience.

Why Utilize a Product Recommendation Quiz?

As consumer expectations evolve, marketers continually need to exceed these expectations and keep consumers entertained and engaged.

With an interactive product recommendation quiz, your marketing team can power assumption-free recommendations that recommendation consumers to the products they’re actually likely to purchase.

How to Make a Product Recommendation Quiz

Jebbit’s interactive product recommendation quizzes are templatized, so there’s no heavy back-end work to get an experience up and running.

All it takes is uploading your branded elements, such as logos and fonts, to create a collection of personalized experiences across all channels. Some of our clients have built experiences and launched within hours! The best part is these experiences gather consumer preferences for future personalization.

Product Recommendation Quiz Example

RueLaLa was able to create this product recommendation quiz themselves, just in time for the holidays.

Yes, it really is that simple…and you can do it too!

Brianna Conley

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