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March 31, 2022

Jebbit FAQ's

Here at Jebbit, we believe that marketers should always deliver genuine value to their customers and prospects: Save them time, give them a recommendation, educate them - Are all examples of genuine value exchange.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

And boy oh boy does our own champagne taste good. So, we figured we'd make your life easier and save you some time by curating a short list featuring some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Jebbit.

Standing tall in first-place is the question:

  1. "What is zero-party data and how does it differ from first-party data?"

While the industry definitions of both zero-party and first-party data may be perceived as overlapping, there are a couple of key differences. And in the spirit of making things easy, we're published blogs on each of these important industry terms. Get all the details about zero-party data HERE, and all of the details about first-party data HERE. Plus, we already have a 1-2 punch blog post to help you quickly understand the differences between the two! Click HERE to read about the similarities vs. important differences between first-party and zero-party data.

  1. "What types of experiences can you build within Jebbit?"

The first thing to keep in mind when utilizing Jebbit is that our platform is flexible to meet the varying and evolving needs of marketers and brands in our agile digital ecosystem. Out of the box, Jebbit offers 9 quiz and experience types (with dozens of templates for each) from right within the platform. The two most popular are product match quizzes and personality quizzes. But wait, there's more! Jebbit also enables brands to easily build: Trivia/knowledge tests, Quizbot, live polls/voting, look-books, interactive articles, landing pages, simple lead forms, and branded surveys. These experience types differ based on what your business objective(s) are, for example: brands focused on driving more sales / increasing conversion rates often use product match quizzes while brands focused on qualified lead acquisition tend to use personality quizzes or live-polls. With these 9 experience types, there comes 6 types of genuine value. Starting with saving consumers time (and even saving our clients time since Jebbit is a no-code builder), giving recommendations, teaching them something, unlocking a benefit, testing their knowledge, and entertaining them with more engaging, relevant experiences. The best part is that with any experience, you can capture zero/first-party data.

  1. "Where can I launch my experiences? / How will consumers engage with them?"

You can launch your Jebbit quizzes and experiences anywhere so that you can meet users wherever their attention is. Anywhere you can put a URL, embed code, or snippet of JavaScript (if you're deploying via Jebbit Companion or Lightbox) is fair game: On your website, via email, social media/paid media, search, and even offline using a QR code, for example.

  1. "Can I run A/B tests using Jebbit?"

YES! Heck, you can even A/B/C/D test and we highly encourage you to do so! Our platform empowers all of our clients to test and learn. And using Jebbit's intuitive reporting and analytics dashboards, you can leverage real time data to inform optimizations to your quizzes/experiences for things like the number of questions you're asking, creative design, the data you're collecting, and more. Test early. Test often. Optimize and win!

  1. "What can I do with the data?"

Now that you have all of this valuable zero/first-party data, the sky's the limit as to what you can do with it. You can send your data anywhere you need it to go within your marketing stack. A key and core advantage of using Jebbit is that we can integrate with any system/app. Click HERE for our integrations overview page to learn more.

We hope we answered at least some of your burning questions. If you have more, never hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success team, the Account Executive you're speaking with, or our world-class support team and we'll get them answered ASAP!

And if you want to start capturing zero-party data and leveraging all that Jebbit has to offer, click here to schedule a strategy call.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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