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February 19, 2021

Jebbit Expands Footprint With Shopify App Store Launch and Klaviyo Partnership

Ecommerce marketers can now create beautiful custom quizzes in their Shopify storefronts and automate email personalization fueled by first-party data.

Marketing Team

View the original press release here. Keep reading to learn how brands can enhance their eCommerce Marketing strategy with the Jebbit Shopify app and Jebbit x Klaviyo partnership.

BOSTON (PRWEB) February 18, 2021 — Jebbit, the interactive experience and first-party data platform pioneering “Quiz Commerce,” today announced the expansion of its growing partner network with the launch of their Shopify app and Klaviyo partnership. These partnerships help address the urgent demand from brands needing to transform their digital customer experience. Shopify’s more than one million businesses can now use Jebbit to create beautiful product match quizzes that improve engagement, conversion, and help personalize every step of the customer journey, increasing sales and lifetime value. These quizzes can be deployed anywhere in digital, and offline via QR codes.

“We’ve tried other quiz commerce platforms and Jebbit is by far the easiest and most user friendly,” said Chad Jernigan, co-founder, DIFF Eyewear. “In our short time using Jebbit, we are already seeing an 80% completion rate and 40% lead capture rate of our new quiz which is crushing our previous benchmarks.”

The rapid growth in eCommerce has created a unique set of challenges for marketers. The first, how to create a fast and helpful guided selling experience in digital that replicates that of an in-store associate experience. The second, the impending demise of third-party data and cookies, resulting in the urgent need for brands to build up their own first-party data assets.

Jebbit solves these massive pain points for some of the largest brands in the world and has now created a simplified version of their platform allowing any business, regardless of size, to deploy the same successful strategies. Shopify merchants can create product match quizzes that easily and seamlessly pull their products into the outcome recommendations in their quiz, driving higher lead capture and conversion while gathering customer preferences. Those leads and attributes can then be automatically passed into their Klaviyo account, increasing the size of their database and fueling personalization based on the consumers’ stated interests and preferences. Using ‘owned’ first-party customer data from partners like Jebbit, Klaviyo helps over 50,000 eCommerce businesses grow revenue and get closer to their customers.

“So many of the brands we work with are already on Shopify and Klaviyo and doing great work,” said Raphael Paulin-Daigle, CEO of Splitbase. “Jebbit is the missing piece that helps us create engaging experiences through quizzes; enabling us to improve eCommerce sites, capture leads, and create better personalization.”

“The pandemic not only increased the volume of eCommerce transactions but forever changed buying behavior. Brands will be left behind if they don’t change how they communicate with customers,” said Tom Coburn, CEO, and co-founder of Jebbit. “This means unifying their marketing across channels and customer journeys, targeting their audiences more effectively, and investing in growing their own first-party customer data to build long-standing, profitable relationships.”

The Jebbit Platform

Jebbit’s no-code platform enables anyone to quickly build beautiful, interactive experiences that capture first-party, declared data about customers’ preferences, intents, and desires. Jebbit integrates with Salesforce, Adobe, Facebook, Hubspot, Klaviyo, MailChimp, Pinterest, and many more.

Fast: Jebbit enables technical and non-technical users alike to create amazing consumer experiences in hours, not weeks or months.

Beautiful: A wide suite of creative tools and off-the-shelf templates allow users to design stunning experiences that act as an extension of their brand.

Personalized: Create experiences that drive personalized product recommendations for every customer.

Omnichannel: Jebbit can launch on any channel, meeting customers where they live and shop: on-site; social; email; text; and more.

All-in-one: Build everything from shoppable product match and personality quizzes to simple surveys and lead forms. All in one platform.

Add Jebbit to your Shopify store and be sure to learn more about the Jebbit and Klaviyo partnership.

View the original press release here.

Marketing Team

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