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January 25, 2022

Jebbit Announces a 121% Increase in Zero-Party Data Captured

Jebbit announces record-breaking year helping brands solve their First Party Data challenges. Emerges as Market Leader as Privacy Changes Further Accelerate Shift from Third Party Tracking.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

BOSTON, MA - January 25th, 2022 - Jebbit, the world's leading Zero Party Data platform, today announced a record-breaking year in performance, doubling revenue with sharp increases in new customer acquisitions, platform users, talent and strategic partnerships. The company has also attracted an array of new marquee brands including: Aerie, Amerisave Mortgage, e.l.f Beauty, L'Oreal, Lucky Brand, Lush Cosmetics, Samsonite.

The success follows numerous industry altering shifts including Google's cookie deprecation, changes to Apple's iOS identifiers, an increase in global privacy legislation and consumers' push for greater transparency and control. These trends have coalesced, creating an inflection point that Jebbit's founder predicted years ago with a vision to help advertisers collect First Party Data that is willingly and intentionally shared by a consumer ("Zero Party Data"). The financial markets confirmed the tectonic shift in marketers' spending when the Financial Times reported "Big tech lost billions because of Apple's privacy changes."

Year Over Year Achievement Highlights

  1. $70 Million Growth Investment from Vista Equity Partners
  2. Over 100% revenue growth
  3. 300% increase in new business
  4. 224% increase in active users
  5. 121% increase in Zero Party Data attributes captured
  6. 2X increase in employee headcount

"Jebbit has become a critical piece of ASICS Zero Party Data and personalization strategy as the industry continues to shift away from Third Party tracking," said Jennifer Hoth, Director of Global Loyalty Marketing & CRM, ASICS. "Our Jebbit experiences provide customers a more valuable brand experience at each stage of their journey while capturing their interests and preferences so ASICS can build trusted direct relationships."

Product Innovations & New Release

The company has also made significant additions to its platform including Dynamic Product Feeds, which enable brands to upload their merchandise files to enhance their product match quizzes with personalized recommendations from their entire product catalog. Today, the company also released a new conversational experience type called Quizbot, an industry innovation that has the look and feel of a chatbot but presents in a Q&A format similar to a quiz, avoiding the frustrating experience chatbots often provide when they pose as live chats or are open ended and deliver irrelevant responses back to consumers.

Leading the charge to change the future of marketing is CEO and co-founder Tom Coburn who called 2021 "the pivotal year" for the company.

"We grew by staying focused on one goal - to help brands deliver a better personal digital experience that provides more value to the consumer in order to drive sales and retain loyalty. Our interactive experiences collect valuable data that can only be derived by asking consumers for their preferences and that has consistently proved higher ROI for every client."

Jebbit provides a tremendous opportunity to collect and use privacy safe, First Party Data to drive business and build loyalty. Over 100 partnerships and new integrations were added to the platform in 2021 including Shopify, Klaviyo, and SAP. Earlier this month the platform was launched in the Qualtrics XM Marketplace, offering Qualtrics XM directory for turnkey data activation.

About Jebbit

Jebbit is the provider of the world's First Party Data platform, The Jebbit platform enables anyone to quickly build beautiful interactive experiences that capture Zero Party Data. From simple lead forms or surveys to more robust experiences like product matches and personality quizzes, the Jebbit platform drives high engagement by providing consumers with immediate value in exchange for relevant information about their motivations, interests, and preferences. Jebbit's clients, including Shiseido Group, ASICS, Live Nation, The Clorox Company, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Bliss use the company's platform to better understand their consumers and drive revenue. To learn more visit or follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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