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Case Study
August 20, 2023

How JCPenney is Using Jebbit to Drive Data Enrichment

Discover how JCPenney leverages Jebbit for data enrichment amid changing privacy landscape. Quizzes, rewards & insights reshape customer engagement.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

JCPenney, is an American retail company founded in 1902. Today, JCPenney stores include clothing for men, women, boys, girls, and infants along with bedding, home, fine jewelry, shoes, The Salon by InStyle, Sephora inside JCPenney, and more. They engage in marketing apparel, home furnishings, jewelry, cosmetics, and cookware. 

You all might know (and love) the JCPenney Rewards program, the initial modern day JCPenney Rewards kicked off in 2008. Today, there are about 24 million active members year over year. 

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As you might know, GDPR, CCPA, Apple and Google are getting rid of third- party cookies. Brands are no longer going to be able to rely on third- party data anymore. If you are a brand or buying data, it's not going to be as usable if you get it from a source that's not your own. 

With JCPenney knowing this information, they decided to take action and benefit from these data privacy changes. JCPenney realized they needed to collect their data directly from the source, being their customers. 


The department store chain quickly partnered with Jebbit. Not wasting any time, they began rolling out Jebbit quizzes to JCpenney shoppers in May, asking people about their lifestyle preference and their shopping habits, among others. In exchange for completing the quiz, people can gain rewards points, which they can apply towards purchases once they reach a certain amount. JCPenney has launched three quizzes so far, with three more planned this year. 

The company said it is using the data from the quizzes to influence its messaging and content. For example, its seasonal back-to-school quiz, which aims to help parents find the style their kids want, has over 22,600 views. The company’s quiz, which was available from July through August, asked people a mix of fun questions as well as informational ones to gauge their price sensitivity.

The Results JCPenney Saw Using Their Jebbit Product Match Quiz: 

  • 80% completion rate
  • 60% lead capture
“The purpose of this is to really get beyond what we can learn from customer transactional behavior and really take it a step further and learn directly from the customer,” said Debbie Stanford, senior marketing project manager for loyalty at JCPenney. “We’re not always going to be able to capture those types of attributes through a transaction.”

 - Debbie Stanford at JCPenney

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Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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