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May 29, 2018

Customer Spotlight: HMR + Immediate Declared Data Activation

This year at Declared, HMR took home the Jebbie award for Best Immediate Declared Data Activation. We sat down with HMR’s Linna Gao to learn more.

Hannah Peacock

This year at Declared, we were lucky to be able to recognize six outstanding customers for their innovative work with the Jebbit platform. The Jebbie Awards highlight customers who inspire us with their creativity and innovation of declared data capture and activation.

One such customer, HMR, took home the award for Best Immediate Declared Data Activation.

We sat down with HMR’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Linna Gao to learn more about the Jebbit + HMR partnership and their Jebbie Award-winning experience.

The HMR + Jebbit Partnership

HMR offers weight management programs that combine a structured diet, physical activity, and lifestyle-change coaching.

In 2017, through network connections and what she describes as “a series of serendipitous events,” Linna was introduced to Jebbit’s co-founder, Jonathan Lacoste. Linna had been looking for ways to enhance the customer journey at HMR and go beyond superficial metrics.

Upon first conversations, she knew Jebbit was the perfect fit.

“We shared a vision to look beyond vanity metrics and dig deeper, to something more insightful,” she said. “We wanted to have true 1:1 conversations at scale. We wanted to know and understand our customers.”

After being introduced to the platform, Linna and her team saw great potential in how and where they could use Jebbit experiences.

“We are able to embed Jebbit into lots of different opportunities, giving us maximum reach,” she said. “Jebbit is amazingly agile and adaptive; there is no limit to what you can do!”

HMR’s New Year’s Resolution Experience

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With the 2018 New Year approaching, Linna recognized an opportunity for HMR to offer help and guidance to audiences looking to set health-related resolutions.
“We wanted to create tangible takeaways for our audience – we wanted them to learn throughout the experience and walk away feeling inspired and equipped to take on the New Year.”

In collaboration with Jebbit and their creative agency, Primacy, HMR created a New Year’s Resolution experience meant to offer tangible takeaways to audiences and capture leads.

The New Year’s Resolution experience leveraged two types of data activation, including personalized outcomes and trigger emails.

Personalized Outcomes

At the first point of activation, users were matched with a personalized outcome based on how they answered questions about New Year’s resolutions. Each outcome provided the user with a few tips on how to start the new year on a healthier note.

Trigger Emails

The second point of activation was a personalized followup or trigger email that included steps to achieve their goals, and how using HMR can keep them on track.

“We chose to use both outcomes and trigger emails to provide audiences with knowledge, but also open the door for additional conversations. It gave us as a brand additional opportunities to drive them to our properties, but it also created value for the consumer — allowing them to follow up on their New Year’s resolutions and have access to additional resources.”

The Results

The experience boasted stellar results for HMR. Linna recalled, “The experience produced our highest lead capture rate, ever.”

The experience also served as a great learning tool for the HMR team.

“Since this experience, we now always incorporate trigger emails into all of our campaigns. We understand the proper cadence to build trust and provide value. We also know where and how to optimize the lead capture form. As a result, we’ve seen consistently high engagement rates.”

Jebbie Award for Best Immediate Declared Data Activation

HMR’s Linna Gao was presented the Jebbie Award for Best Immediate Declared Data Activation by Emily Moos.

Since launching the New Year’s Resolution experience, HMR has become a leading example of how to leverage data activation within a Jebbit experience.

That’s why this year, we recognized HMR for their innovative work by presenting them with the Jebbie Award for Best Immediate Declared Data Activation.

“I was shocked and excited to receive the Jebbie,” said Linna. “It was such an honor to be recognized!”

Advice for Others Looking to Have Success with Jebbit

With our mindsets built around immediate gratification, it’s no wonder activating data right away, in the moment, has become paramount to success in this mobile-first world.

When asked to share her thoughts on how brands can get the most out of Jebbit, Linna provided three bits of advice:

  • Think outside of the box: “Get creative and think outside of the box – the platform has endless possibilities.”
  • Chase customers, not competition: “Don’t chase your competition, chase your customers. Customers are market-agnostic. Look for inspiration in other industries.”
  • Make the value clear: “Make sure audiences understand the value of what they’re doing.”

Our customers are the most important part of everything we do. As we continue to grow and evolve, customers like HMR regularly inspire us with new and creative ways to create content and activate declared data.

Learn More

Inspired to begin capturing and activating declared data? Check out the Declared Data Playbook to see how you can get started.

Hannah Peacock

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