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May 18, 2018

Our 13 Favorite Moments from Declared 2018

Declared 2018 flew by in a flash. We couldn’t possibly recap everything, but we picked out our favorite moments.

Hannah Peacock

We can’t believe it’s over! Declared 2018 flew by in a flash.

On May 8th, the Jebbit community took over Boston’s iconic Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum for a day of knowledge share, industry insights and (just a few) cocktails.

By the end of the day, attendees had learned how top marketers are building declared data strategies, heard keynotes from industry insiders, mingled throughout the museum and courtyard, and most importantly, shared stories.

We couldn’t possibly recap everything, but we picked out our favorite moments.

1. Mike Moreau inspired us to capture our own marketing data.


Salesforce Data Cloud COO Mike Moreau set the stage for the day by diving deep into the marketing data landscape.

Most importantly, Mike inspired attendees to take data collection into their own hands: “Data-driven marketing begins with first-party data.”

2. The Gardner Museum is even prettier in person.

Hard to believe, right? It was so easy to get caught up in the beauty of the venue. Not to mention, it’s impossible to take a bad photo. And our attendees took notice:


3. Mic drop: “Mobile is not a device, it’s a mindset.”


Jebbit VP of R&D, Duncan Walker prefaced new product releases by sharing how to leverage trends and consumer attention to transform data strategies.

The talk built to a big assertion: “Mobile is not a device, it’s a mindset.” You could feel the mood shift in the room as people began to rethink how they position mobile marketing.

4. We loved handing out Jebbies

Throughout the day, one of our favorite parts of the conference was being able to recognize our all-star customers. So many of them are doing great things to collect and activate declared data using the Jebbit platform.


5. Cathay Pacific blew our minds – putting a Jebbit experience, in a Jebbit experience.


Taking home the Jebception Award, the Cathay Pacific team created, mapped and built a learning module series consisting of 5+ interconnected Jebbit experiences, that when completed lead to more Jebbit experiences. Let that sink in.

6. Declared attendees love their cold brew


But really, who doesn’t? Staying caffeinated was definitely a priority for the day. Thanks to multiple coffee and meal breaks, Declared attendees were always alert and happy. Pro Tip: You can never have too much coffee at a conference.

7. VICE Media’s Josh Cogswell analyzed the DNA of storytelling


Attendees couldn’t get enough of VICE Media’s Josh Cogswell. On top of multiple amazing videos, Josh talked through his 5 pillars of storytelling DNA.

The keynote made everyone in the room not only think about their storytelling framework, but also want to read VICE!

8. Joke of the day: “We’re still trying to make this outdoor cat an indoor cat.”


It’s hard to explain, but anyone who knows Michael Marcus knows that he’s full of surprises. As the Jebbie Award presenter, Michael decided to give audiences a … unique… experience, revealing his tuxedo half way through the first presentation.

Not to leave the incident unaddressed, Master of Ceremonies Ben Cockerell followed it up with the joke of the day – “We’re still trying to make this outdoor cat an indoor cat.”

9. The Boston Celtics talked fans for any win-loss record


When you’re the Boston Celtics, you don’t have to worry about filling seats. Especially this season. But what about the casual fans? What about the fans who just show up for playoffs, or just watch when it’s on?

Kara Hutchinson and Matt Griffin from the Celtics shared how they’ve managed to learn more about these casual fans through Jebbit experiences, and more importantly how this enables them to engage those fans.

10. The NFL taught us the difference between football and football


Is it football or soccer? Football or football? Imagine discussing American football in the UK. Now imagine you’re the NFL trying to expand to Europe.


Luckily, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Divya Goel from the NFL gave us a sneak peak into how the NFL is taking football to the land of football.

11. Snapchat captured the hearts of all the single ladies


Snapchat’s Luise Walter discussed how Snapchat and needed to adapt their mobile strategy in order to reach and convert female users.

The presentation ended in everyone *putting their hands up* (pun, intended) to scan and try the Jebbit experience for themselves – demonstrating how seamless Jebbit and Snapchat work together.

12. eBay made us question how well we know our customers


How well do you know your customers? Well, eBay Motors + Kelan Reismeier knows them very well thanks to a strategic planning around declared data. Taking home the “Know Your Shopper Award”, eBay taught attendees how to not only capture declared data, but also use it for validation

13. Attendees knew how to mingle

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a perfect place to mix and mingle. Especially with a few tasty cocktails in hand. We loved exploring the museum with attendees, sharing art, drinks and declared data.

Experiencing FOMO? We hear you.

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Hannah Peacock

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