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Case Study
June 26, 2018

Customer Spotlight: Constant Contact & Evergreen Content

We sat down with Constant Contact’s Natalie Brownell to learn more about the Jebbit + Constant Contact partnership and their Jebbie Award-winning experience.

Maud Rodamar

This year at Declared, we were lucky to be able to recognize six outstanding customers for their innovative work with the Jebbit platform. The Jebbie Awards highlight customers who inspire us with their creativity and innovation of declared data capture and activation.

One such customer, Constant Contact, took home the award for The Evergreen Award.

We sat down with Constant Contact’s Social Media Marketing Manager, Natalie Brownell, to learn more about the Jebbit + Constant Contact partnership and their Jebbie Award-winning experience.

Constant Contact’s Jen Anderson and Natalie Brownell were presented the Jebbie award for Evergreen Content by Jackie Eagle and Michael Marcus

The Constant Contact & Jebbit Partnership

Constant Contact offers all of the solutions to make your small business email marketing simple yet powerful.

Jen Anderson, Product Manager at Constant Contact, and her team knew the different triggers and phases of the customer lifecycle, but they had difficulties identifying where customers were in their journey. This also made it difficult to create content for their customer segments that was engaging and attention grabbing.

“Using Jebbit, we were able to identify where our customers were in the journey and better tailor content to fit their needs” says Natalie.

A New Way to Deliver Content

Jen and Natalie noticed the need for a change with the way content was being delivered to customers and with Jebbit’s help, they were able to implement an evergreen content strategy.

“Evergreen content is a no brainer for us” says Natalie. “The information in the experience is always going to be relevant because the product and software remained the same. We can set it and forget it, while also continuously capturing information.”

The experience was housed onsite, where users could engage with it at any and all times. Constant Contact is able to continuously collect declared data, while driving users to interesting content.

The Results

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The evergreen content shined a surprising light on their audience. “A lot of our existing, non-declared data was pointing to one place in the customer journey, but the declared data has shown us otherwise” said Natalie.

They were able to not only validate the data that they already have, but also enrich it with real time, accurate, declared data.

Knowing where their customers actually fall in the customer journey, not just where they think they fall, allows them to create engaging content that actually resonates.

This evergreen experience leveled up Constant Contact’s relationship with their customers, bringing them closer together through a constant two-way dialogue.

Looking Ahead

In the future, Jen and Natalie look to expand how they are utilizing Jebbit — Natalie hopes to integrate Jebbit into her social media campaigns, specifically.

“The interactive content is great for getting people to engage, keep their attention and ultimately return them back to the site,” said Natalie.

Advice for others looking to have success with Jebbit

Natalie’s biggest advice for others looking to have success with Jebbit was not to think of it as a means to an end or a quick fix. “Think of Jebbit as a way to build stronger relationships with your customers,” she said.

At Jebbit, our customers are the most important part of everything we do. As we continue to grow and evolve, customers like Constant Contact regularly inspire us with new and creative ways to create content and activate declared data.

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Maud Rodamar

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