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WTWH Media Partners with Jebbit to Provide Post-Click Engagement

Strategic partnership with WTWH Media will drive post-click engagement adoption by advertisers through use of Jebbit platform.

Boston, Mass–Jebbit the industry leader for post-click engagement, today announced a strategic partnership with WTWH Media. Together, Jebbit and the WTWH Media team will offer WTWH Media’s advertisers highly innovative impactful post-click engagement experiences.

Brands are increasingly turning to publishers for solutions that boost overall awareness and engagement with interactive experiences, utilizing customer behaviors, preferences, and other features. With access to Jebbit’s market-leading post-click engagement production, delivery and analytics platform, WTWH Media will now provide native and immersive post-click experiences so advertisers can more effectively engage customers, tapping into the tremendous growth of the digital media industry.

“Post-click engagement is becoming an integral part of digital media campaigns as people embrace interactive experiences with brands,” said Scott McCafferty, CEO and Founder of WTWH Media. “Jebbit’s unique post-click format, combined with their analytics will make it easier for advertisers to create and monetize user engagement.”

Jebbit’s technology empowers marketers with an interactive Q&A experience that overlays their landing page, enticing consumers to learn more and spend more time engaging with the content in order to receive a content download, free trial, survey or discount. The company provides an easy-to-use, self-service platform that allows non-technical personnel at agencies and publishers to rapidly create, deploy and track post-click engagement campaigns on their own to help advertisers better reach the ideal consumer after the click, whether it be email, display, native, social, mobile or video.

“Among B2B advertisers’ primary objectives are pre-qualifying and generating quality lead generation, meaningful interaction with the consumer and making the product resonate,”said Jonathan Lacoste, Chief Operating Officer of Jebbit. “This new partnership will allow advertisers to test and leverage post-click engagement across properties with the end result being more engaging and better performing digital media campaigns.”

Jebbit has demonstrated innovation in the digital media space by cultivating a loyal, highly-engaged consumer where advertisers get a better return on their ad spend investment. WTWH Media’s advertisers will benefit from increases in time of engagement, conversions, leads, downloads, sales, and product loyalty.

About WTWH Media

WTWH Media is a business-to-business media company focused on providing high value unique content on user’s terms while delivering measurable ROI for marketers. WTWH Media produces 40+ technical web sites and 4 print publications covering the design engineering and renewable energy markets. WTWH Media has set itself apart from other media companies by embracing technology, allowing individual excellence and enabling innovation across print and online properties.

Published September 24, 2014

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