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Feature Releases & Product Updates
February 10, 2022

What's New in Jebbit

Here at Jebbit, we decided to kick off the new year by creating some fresh, advanced and exciting features that hopefully exceed all of your data capturing needs.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

We hit the ground running creating these new features once 2022 came around and have been thrilled to see them come to life. In case you missed some, here's a list of the features that came out in January.

Starting off with the famous Quizbot.

Quizbot allows you to create quizzes that are presented in a conversational style format. Consumers provide their answers to quiz questions as if they are having a conversation with an actual person.

Use the Quizbot template to get started, fill in your question and answer, copy and launch as a URL or embed on your website. It's quick, easy and dare I say fun! We also have a step-by-step tutorial for you.

Next, we have the Progress Bar. This feature indicates to your audience how far along they are within one of your experiences. A progress bar can easily be added to any new or existing experiences.

By giving consumers an indication of how long the experiences will take them to complete will help reduce abandonment. Learn how to add a Progress Bar to new and existing experiences.

Next is the Back Button. Add a back button to any Jebbit experience so consumers can easily go back to the previous screen and answer questions again. If consumers provide information that is incorrect, or they've simply changed their mind, they can now easily return to the previous screen to provide you with their changed response. Want to see how to add the back button to your experiences? Go ahead and click here.

Another new feature is animations. You can now add animations to any of the elements on a screen. Why would you need to add animations to your screen? It gives off a vibrant appearance, and let's be honest, who doesn't want a little extra enhancement? Just like any presentation slides, adding animations delivers a finished appearance, and it's simple. Check out more on animations here.

Lastly, we have the feature that allows you to validate unique emails & phones. If you're running a contest or sweepstakes, it's critical that you have entry integrity. It's important to make sure people don't enter more than once. Well, now with our Email Validation, you can set the ability to create a customized error message if the user does create multiple entries. Learn how to add email & phone validation to your experiences.

If you want to see more of these features and ask our team live questions, join us for Jebbit Presents: Not Another Webinar on February 18th. We want to show you all of these awesome new features, without being bored to tears. We'll showcase these features in an entertaining format that is on Zoom, but definitely not a webinar.

Click here to register for free!

Ready to take these features for a test run? Click here to get started!

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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